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‘Home is where the heart is’ is more than just a saying. We feel most comfortable when we are at home, where we can be ourselves without having to worry about an intrusion from outside. Which is why creating a safe home is one of the primary concerns when we move into a new place. We want our family and loved ones to be safe & secure all the time. But how do we do that? How do we know which security measures are available and will keep them safe? Luckily, there are plenty of measures available for us to take, but which ones would be the best home security measures for us to take depends much on our needs and the type of property we live in.

Choosing the Best Home Security Measures

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The choice may largely depend on whether you are the homeowner or the tenant

First and foremost, are you a tenant or do you live in your own property? If you are renting, then you might want to install something that is easily removable and is in compliance with your rights as a tenant. Having electrical alarms and locks on every door in your house can be a hassle to remove when it’s time to move out. So if you think you are likely to move, then your choices may be mostly limited to self-monitoring home security systems, whereas property owners have the luxury of installing any security measure as they see fit. It is, after all, long-term investment for property owners.

  • Begin the process of choosing the best home security measures for your home by doing a quick study on what the common flaws and weaknesses in security are that burglars exploit.
  • Next, go through all the doors and windows of your home and identify the ones you think require more protection.
  • Do research on the neighborhood crime frequency; discuss with neighbors, if necessary, to find out how often burglary-related incidents happen in the area. And while you are at it, try to find out what type of security the victim homes had in place.
  • Finally, create a budget based on what type of security measures are needed and how much you can afford to spend.

So now that you know how to go about to choose the right security for your home, now let’s take a look at some of the best home security measures available for both tenants and property owners.

For Tenants

Responsibilities of a landlordAs mentioned, it is better for tenants to implement measures that are transferable to other locations yet provide sufficient safety and security.

  • Change the Lock: While it might seem like a hassle to change the lock of the main door, it is worth the effort. You have no idea how many people have the key to your main door. Ask the landlord to change the lock if they can; otherwise, ask permission to change it yourself.
  • Use Padlocks: If changing the lock isn’t an option, get a sturdy padlock to provide protection. You can either make use of traditional padlocks or use smart padlocks that don’t even have a keyhole! If necessary, these locks can be used on unsecured windows as well.
  • Install Video Doorbells: Undoubtedly, smart security gadgets have bolstered home security a lot, and one such device is video doorbell. It is one of the best home security measures as it lets you see who’s outside your door, even if you aren’t home.
  • Get Security Cameras: Be it smart or not, surveillance cameras let you know monitor the interior of your home. Regular security cameras record footage for you to view at a later time while smart cameras provide live feed directly to your phone, tablet, and computer. As such, if there’s something amiss when you are away, you can instantly call the police to thwart burglary.

For Homeowners

If you live in your own property, you have total control of what measures to take and what to do. There’s no need to take anyone’s permissions even if you want to modify a part of the home. As a result, a property owner can use a lot more security measures along with the ones we mentioned above.

  • Reinforce the hinges: Whereas tenant would have to rely on the landlord to reinforce unsecured or flimsy windows and doors, property owners can take necessary measures if felt necessary. Replace the rusty or worn down hinges of the windows and doors to bolster them.
  • Introduce a Complete Security System: This can be costly to implement, but well worth it. You can add a number of smart security measures to create a fortified ecosystem in your home that is completely automated. This can include fire & carbon monoxide alarm, motion detector, smart cameras, and smart locks; all of it is remotely accessible.

To achieve the best home security, you need to know how much security is necessary and what’s available. The last thing anyone should do is take home security lightly. So take all the necessary steps to ensure peace of mind.

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