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The tiles of your floor play a crucial part in decorating your home. No matter how much you try to reflect your personality through your home decor, if you don’t choose the right tiles, the entire decoration of your house may fail to meet your expectations. Before tiles became popular, mosaic was the preferred flooring choice. However, today it’s the opposite. Be it outside or inside, the triumph of tiles can be seen everywhere from the bedroom to the bathroom of a house. It is almost unimaginable to think of a modern apartment without tiled floors. But what is so special about tiles and why is its popularity growing day by day? Today we will discuss the whats and whys of tiles in this article.

Usage and benefits of tiles

It is better to choose different tiles for different rooms

One of the reasons why tiles are a popular choice is that it is easy to install and the upkeep is easy as well. It can also be used effortlessly on the walls of a house, eliminating the need for a paint finish for the wall. Another advantage of using tiles is that they are not likely to be damaged by salt. The chances of tiles breaking are relatively low unless the impact is severe. Also, they are not easily scratched or rusted and are less likely to burn because they are fairly resistant to fire.

More importantly, they cost less and last longer than mosaics and marbles. Depending on the room or walls, it is important to choose the right tiles. For example, ceramic tiles are good for any wall; mirror-polished tiles and affordable homogenous tiles are particularly good for the floor. Rustic tiles, on the other hand, can be used on both walls and floors. Those who want a rustic look in their home decor can’t go wrong with this one.

Where to use which

Before choosing a tile, you need to know where to use which type as there are a lot of different types of tiles in the market. It is only normal that not all tiles will be suitable for every room. There are many different types of tiles for decorating a house. So take some time to think and choose the right tiles that suit your space the best.

Living room

The size of the tile plates in the living room should be large

The most used space in our house is the living room. Entertainment, guests coming over, family parties; the living room is an integral part of the house that cannot be overlooked. Everyone loves to keep the living room tidy. So, this room should be special. And the tiles that need to be used should have a shiny look to them. Even using printed tiles can make the room look pretty. You can use different types of mirror finishes or decorative tiles to adorn the floor of the living room. Decorative tiles come in beautiful designs and colors. However, the size of the tile plates should be large. This reduces the number of attachments, making the floor look a little bigger.


a photo of a large living room
Decorating a certain portion of a wall with tiles can be a great idea

You can use wooden tiles to bring new life to your bedroom. For those who like wooden floors, these tiles can be great. If you want, you can decorate a certain portion of the wall with tiles instead of using tiles all over. You can also decorate the whole wall with various types of terracotta tiles. Then you can hang your favorite painting on that to liven up the bedroom. A little bit of lighting would also add to things. And for color combinations, the rule is the same as before; if the bedroom walls are dark, the color of the tiles should be light.

Kitchen and bathroom

It is better to use matt finished tiles instead of glossy ones in the bathroom

The tiles that are used in the kitchen and the bathroom are very different from the living room and the bedroom. The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most water prone areas of the house and it can get slippery. That is why, when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom, it is always better to use matte tiles instead of glossy tiles. That way, the chances of an accident are greatly reduced as the floor will have more grip. However, it should also be noted that in addition to water, oil and fat can also spill in the kitchen. And removing oil and grease from matte tiles is a daunting task. But there are some easy and simple kitchen cleaning tips to back you up. So think carefully and choose the right tiles, otherwise, accidents can happen.


It is not that difficult of a task if you know how to clean the tiles properly

There is no alternative for cleaning the house. Keeping the floors clean is really important if you want to be safe and protected from germs and bacteria. One of the things that always comes to mind when using tiles is how to remove stains from them. As challenging as it can be if you know the right way to remove them, it is not that difficult of a task. 

  • Wipe the house with water every day to prevent dark spots.
  • Don’t let water accumulate on tiles in any way.
  • Kitchen tiles are the most prone to dirt and grease. Clean with liquid detergent immediately after cooking is done.      
  • Dirt stains usually appear on the corners where tiles meet, so use detergent powder, soap, or liquid cleaner to clean at least once a week. Use a soft brush instead of a stiff one otherwise it can scratch the tiles.
  • Oil-grease should be cleaned immediately by rubbing it well with soapy water, detergent, or liquid cleaner.
  • Clean the tiles regularly with an alkaline-free and acid-free cleaner.
  • If the brightness doesn’t come back after the cleaning, use baking soda. Since there is less possibility to stain the tiles, using a sponge to rub tiles is actually the most convenient. And after a while, you will see the tiles shine like new!
  • Use Dettol or Savlon with water to disinfect floor tiles regularly.

There you have it. These are some useful tips to choose the right tiles. Do you find these tips helpful? Do let us know whether these tips came in handy or not. And don’t forget to leave us a comment in the comments section below.

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