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Comfort. Convenience. Safety.

Although we all have different preferences, all individuals instinctively want these things. And once you have made the decision of buying or renting a home, it brings you to your next important decision: Choosing the ideal location for your home. Prior to shifting, it is important to do a little research to know about different locations and find a suitable one.

What is a “Comfortable” location?

What might seem like a comfortable location for a home to you may not seem like one to another person and so, the definition of a ‘comfortable’ location is difficult to define. With preferences of different kinds of lifestyles and benefits associated in the area, comfort has different definitions for everyone. Some of us like to live amidst lush greenery, away from the hustle and bustle of the central city areas. On the other hand, some prefer the constant buzz, crowd and liveliness of the city. Before choosing a location, make sure you know the things you need (or don’t) for a comfortable lifestyle.


A convenient location means a location that facilitates movement to other parts of the city and provides all the things you want within arm’s reach. Before choosing a location, inquire about public transportation facilities, utilities (load-shedding, gas or water crisis, etc.) and water logging in the area. Additionally, you should consider the distance from workplaces, schools, colleges or universities where you and your family travel daily. Access to amenities such as supermarkets, parks, gyms, eateries, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. must also be considered. Having these things in walking distance surely adds  convenience and saves you time (and fuel costs). Taking your needs and wants into account, various amenities and facilities have sprung up in the areas of Mirpur, Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, Dhanmondi and Bashundhara to cater to all your needs.


Although it is tough to measure the safety of an area objectively, it can be measured in terms of the ‘feeling’ while living in that area. Talking to the residents already living in that area could be a way to know more about safety. Additionally, you could check for the availability of check posts and night patrols by trained guards and security personnel in the neighborhood.

The location that you choose will certainly affect the monthly rent you pay. Almost none of the areas in the city have a fixed monthly rate. However, certain ranges for  rent are available. Hence, take your time to make a decision when searching for a perfect match between need and affordability.

Bproperty offers you numerous apartment choices at affordable rates in different locations to choose from, saving you the hassle of running from one location to another. Let us help you find the perfect location for your perfect home.

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