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Just like painting on an empty canvas, there are many interesting things that you can do with a house that is painted white. Before you begin decorating your dream house, it is normal to have a lot of questions such as ”Which color should I use to paint the walls?”, ”How should I incorporate other colors with the interior?” and so on. When it comes to painting the walls of your home, white is, more or less, the favorite color for most people. One of the reasons why white is so popular lies in its simplicity. On top of that, other colors also seamlessly blend with the white. 

So what new can you do with the color white? We will discuss just that in this article.

Mood of The Color

Pure white
White is the color of purity

White is always perceived as the color of purity. It also represents peace and tranquility. So why not incorporate that into your home. Doing so will make your home feel more spacious, big and peaceful. After a long hectic day, a white-colored interior can help you reduce the pressure to some extent. Besides, if your home has ample sunlight inside, then white color would be the most suitable for a light and shadow showdown. The color white can also help brighten up the areas that receive less light; they will definitely work like a charm. White is also great for blending or fusioning.

Choose The Theme

Before painting choose your theme first

A misconception always pops-up when choosing your furniture according to the color of your interiors; “If the color is white then anything will harmonize with it”. And If you are of the same thought, then you are far, far away from being right. This is the most common mistake that people make. While white can add a lot to an environment, it can also ruin everything if not properly utilized. That is why choosing a theme before planning anything is indispensable. That way, nothing will look out of place and will make everything will seem like a cohesive unit.

Type of Colors

There are a lot of shades of white

To properly understand the type of colors, first, you have to know about the textural differences in colors. In many cases, white is concidered as a base color. That is why a coat of white paint is applied before the final paint job. After that, the chosen color is applied to finish the job. By white, many people think of a particular type of white texture; but there are many shades of white too, such as off-white, warm-white, etc. Knowing your color’s attributes can serve you in many ways. You will know what color to use and where to use it. Like, off-white color is more suitable where there is more light. Moral: Know your whites before diving into painting. 

A Touch of White in Furniture

white furnishing
White furnishing with white interior makes everything cohesive

Only painting your wall white will not fulfill your needs; your furniture needs to have the same touch too. Wall, curtains, furniture; you have to maintain the same continuity everywhere, forgetting either of these can ruin the aesthetic. One particular advantage of the white-colored interior is that it can complement any colored furniture in a room. But choosing blindly can lead you to a convoluted mess. That is why always choose a theme in the first place and then choose your furniture in accordance with it. That way your home will get a uniform appearance through and through.

Many believe white is the color of purity, cleanliness, goodness, light, and innocence. It is often considered as the color of perfection. As opposed to other colors, white usually conveys a positive connotation. If you want a place that represents all of this, why not incorporate white into your furnishings? 

Do you have any specific color preferences for decorating your home? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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