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Are you feeling blue yet? Because this month is all about the BLUES. Blue is a color with endless possibilities. Blue is harmony. Blue is elegance. Blue is freshness. Introducing blue to your interior can add a very interesting touch to the aura of the room.
Let us look at some of the ways you can add a blue twist to your home decor.

Fifty Shades of Blue

Blue has so many shades to choose from. Each shade sends a different message to the eyes and has varied resemblances. So, before you start working with blue in your interior, you must know what you want your room to feel like.
If you desire a very fresh, calm and airy feel to your interior you should go for the cool and rather lighter shades of blue like: Sky blue, Ocean blue, Teel, Sapphire or Pastel blue.
For a more sophisticated and elegant vibe you can stick to the darker shades of blue, such as: Royal Blue, Indigo, Navy Blue, Cobalt or Denim blue.


The color blue can be utilized cleverly to bring in themes. Look for inspirations in nature. The sky, the ocean and even fantasy themes like mermaids can be introduced. You can choose your theme and combine elements from the theme in your mind. For example, for an ocean themed home, you can display sea shells, ship anchors, rocks or corals to go with your room.

Color Palette

Even though you nominated blue as your primary color, you should also have at least two more complementary colors to work with. This will prevent your room from looking too matchy-matchy. Colors that will go harmoniously with blue are: white, light green, purple turquoise, etc. A bold contrast look can be achieved by bringing in colors like warm yellow, bright orange or red.

Blue as a Focal Point

You can use blue as the focal point of your room. A blue accent wall, a large blue painting or a central rug will do the trick. If you want an item to be the focal point, make sure you place it in a way that it is the first thing one sees in a room.  Once you have given blue the center stage, pick up patterns and colors from your focal point and incorporate it with other furniture. This will help bind the whole room and make it look more put together.

Blue in Furniture

If you are not a fan of a big splash of blue in your room, you can tone it down by scattering blue across the entire room. A blue sofa, a blue bed sheet or a blue marbled table will help you achieve this look. Make sure to have blue in multiple, but not all, furniture in your room. This will add the bouncing color effect without making it look too overwhelming.

Blue in Accessories

You can add blue with just accessories. Very basic decor pieces like blue curtains, blue cushions, blue flowers and blue center pieces all unified together will add a strong blue tone to your rooms. Neutral colored walls, coupled with blue accessories will allow the colors to pop. Accessorizing is also a great way to integrate new colors to your home within a very minimal budget.

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