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Another Ramadan is upon us! This holy month is poised at spiritual rejuvenation and solidarity, focused on cleansing ourselves of the sins and stresses of the past year. A wholesome month, but if not handled properly may bring with it discomfort and agitation. So we will be going over a few things that help us stay on track, upbeat, and ensure a smooth Ramadan 2023.

Healthy Food vs Cravings

Everything looks great, but maintain moderation

First and foremost, the act of fasting may well bring great urges and cravings. We must keep in mind that overindulging at the iftar table can cause quite some discomfort. After a long period of not eating, too much food or just heavily fried foods can do some damage to our comfort. Treat yourself at the end of the day, but throw in some fruits, vegetables, and lots of water to ensure you don’t create a poor bodily environment for yourself.

Stay Active

Keep active and stay energetic

Not eating may make you feel more tired easily, so making sure you move around a little will help keep your energy reserves up. Contrary to popular belief, becoming sedentary rather than active will make you feel more tired. Test and know your limits, then adjust your movement accordingly. Try to stay as active, or more if possible, during Ramadan 2023 so you feel great every minute of the day.

Stress Relief is Important

Don’t let the world, or hunger, get to you

Food is a wonderful thing and going long periods of time without makes almost everyone a little testy. Find small and convenient things that you can do to help relieve the stresses of the day. You’ll be in a better mood, handle things more easily, and really help your relationships with those around you.

Reorganize Your Day

Schedule your day to your time and efficiency

The hours feel longer even though office and school hours are adjusted. Workload is only minutely reigned in, causing you to become more efficient in order to complete your tasks in a shorter amount of time, all while being empty stomached. It’s a great idea to reorganize your work and create a new schedule that takes into account these hours and conditions so you are at the top of your game without getting overwhelmed.

Ramadan this year is no different from past years. It’s still spiritual, and it’s still a great time to get your health in order if handled right. We hope the points mentioned above help you in sorting out a productive month. Good luck and have a wonderful Ramadan 2023.

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