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Brand is the identity of your business. What you do and how you choose to do your business creates a perception in people’s mind. That’s how businesses create brands. One of the major aspects of a business is their office location because it works like an initial touch point for all the stakeholders. Additionally, office location can be the key point that makes or breaks your business because of the area facilities. That’s why many companies spend a great amount of time figuring out the right strategy and the right location. Are you looking for suitable office space for your company? We have picked some of the top commercial properties in Dhaka that will serve you just right. Let’s take a look.

5,170 Sq. Ft. Commercial Space In Gulshan 1

Check this magnificent commercial property for rent in Gulshan 1
Check this magnificent commercial property for rent in Gulshan 1

Among the new generation of companies, Gulshan is the perfect commercial hub in Dhaka. Not just because of the area facilities but the environment. Nestled in the heart of a luxurious neighborhood, Gulshan commercial hub can attract the right target customers without any hassle. Also, most other prominent companies are shifting their head offices in this location. Therefore, it becomes much easier for inter-business communication and other facilities as well.

In this lucrative office hub, we have a 5,170 sq.ft. commercial space just beside the Gulshan 1 main road. This east viewing office comes with wall to wall double glazed windows, giving you the professional vibe you want. Also, it has all the contemporary commercial space facilities. Continuous electricity backup, CCTV monitoring and support staff to keep your business space neat and clean. Also, the floor layout of this building is designed in a way that you get the liberty to customize as you like.

2,000 Sq. Ft. Office Space At Banani Road 12

Dont miss your chance to get hands on this affordable commercial space
Dont miss your chance to get hands on this affordable commercial space

Adjacent to Gulshan area, Banani has also become a part of this growing commercial hub. While large corporations go for huge offices right beside the main road, many growing startups rather prefer Banani for affordable rent. Yet, the area facilities remain more or less the same since Banani and Gulshan are not that far apart. Observing this trend, the iconic Banani Road attracted many large organizations to open up their branches as well. Therefore, Banani is also on its way of becoming another commercial hub of the city.

Road 12 is an extension of the popular food street of Banani and is very close to Kemal Ataturk Avenue. Here, we have one of the gorgeous commercial properties in Dhaka, a 2,000 Sq. Ft. office space up for rent. This newly constructed building is perfect for a growing organization looking for affordable rent. It comes with all the basic amenities and utility connections. Plus the space is perfect for creating an open workspace, like most modern offices. If this is what you are looking for and matches with the brand guideline, then look no further.

7,500 Sq. Ft. Business Space at Banani Kemal Ataturk Avenue

This building has reputation of being a top commercial real estate in Dhaka
This building has a reputation of being a top commercial real estate in Dhaka

If Gulshan is the commercial hub then Kemal Ataturk Avenue is sure the entrance to this area. Directly connected with the airport road, this location in Banani offers the best accessibility in the area. Although a major part of this area is for residential purposes, Kemal Ataturk Avenue being the main road, buildings along the stretched road is purely for commercial purposes. However, you will find a diversified combination of business in this location unlike Gulshan 1 or Gulshan 2, which are mainly taken by local and multinational giants.

Right in this popular business location, we offer you a 7,500 Sq. Ft. commercial space perfect for any organization. This north facing building is just beside the main road and comes with a designated parking facility. It also comes with double glazed wall to wall windows which will ensure the perfect amount of natural light in the workspace. As this building is purely for commercial spaces, all other additional amenities are arranged to support regular business needs.

14,048 Sq. Ft. Office at Gulshan 2

Dont miss the chance to own such a gorgeous commercial real estate in Gulshan 2
Dont miss the chance to own such a gorgeous commercial real estate in Gulshan 2

Our last pick for the month is one of the most lavish commercial properties in Dhaka, a 14,048 sq.ft office space at Gulshan 2. Located in the middle of this diplomatic zone, Gulshan 2 office spaces are perfect for corporates. Low traffic movement and area restrictions make this commercial zone the right place for expats living in Dhaka. If you have a diversified workforce from different cultural backgrounds, then you should definitely check this place.

Just beside the Gulshan 2 main road, you will find this modern office perfect for a calm corporate environment. Since it has a vast open space, you can easily divide it in multiple rooms. Also, being a modern commercial space, it comes with multiple elevators and a wide staircase. Plus, the building is equipped with adequate emergency facilities as well. Moreover, the front design of the building is oval shaped, unlike monotonous square buildings. Therefore, having this commercial space for your own, you can easily stand out from others.

So, what are you thinking? If you find your desired commercial properties in Dhaka among these choices, let us know! Also, if you have other particular requirements, drop them in the comments section below, we would be happy to help.

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