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Many people think that interior design is only about finishing and making things look good in your home. Some people also believe interior designing only looks good on tv and not in real life. Not just these, people have a lot to say about a lot of things when it comes to interior designing. These common interior designing miscommunications can directly affect the decision making process. Today we will discuss these issues in detail and try to give you a more thorough understanding of what interior designing actually means along the way.

“Hiring an interior designer is expensive”

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Common interior designing miscommunications

One of the most common interior designing miscommunications is that interior design is a rich people thing and hiring an interior designer is very expensive. Which is actually far from the truth. In reality, you can actually hire an interior designer at different price points. And since each room or space has a different budget and needs, you can actually hire interior designers to customize specific rooms or spaces.

“Why hire an interior designer? I can do everything”

This is an old concept. People may think that they have a clear understanding of form and color and how to merge these together to fetch a great look, where in reality the chances of messing things up are quite high. There are a lot of things that only an interior designer would know better than anyone. For example, an interior designer can tell you the future effect or outcome of specific actions such as room partitioning (whether you need a permanent partition or a temporary one). Also, they can give you technical insights on various levels including the space and size of your windows and doors. Apart from these, they can tell you exactly where to use what type of materials. So thinking you can do everything by yourself is among the most common interior designing misconceptions in our country.

“Interior design is only suitable for large space”

If you think your home or office is too small for interior design, you are sorely mistaken. There is always something more to do, no matter what space is available. An interior designer would know how to organize the space properly and efficiently.

“Interior designers design everything their way, they don’t listen to the owner”

Designers have to plan for every inch of your room

This is another one of the common interior designing miscommunications among people. Many believe interior designers only design the way they like, they don’t care about the likings and dislikings of the owner. Whereas in reality, interior designers always ask for requirements from their clients like what are the needs, likings, and dislikings so that they can incorporate those into the design. You just need to communicate more openly.

“Interior design is only about decor and color, nothing else”

The majority of people will be left wondering if they were asked what an interior designer does. The reason behind this is most people think that interior designers only decorate things. Although it is an aspect of interior design, there is a lot more to interior design than just decorating a place. They are responsible for some of the most important tasks including planning, light balancing, design functionality, bathroom and kitchen designing, and so on.

“Interior designing means replacing everything that is old”

Interior design doesn’t necessarily mean replacing used items with new ones. There is nothing bad about taking inspiration from modern trends; interior design is just about how everything is put together. For instance, there are thousands of ways to merge the old with the new. And a good interior designer knows that.

“Interior designing is apt only for residential houses”

When it comes to common interior designing miscommunications, a large number of people still believe that interior design is apt only for residential houses. Which is not true at all. People hire interior designers for decorating their offices and commercial spaces. This is to say, if you want to ensure higher work efficiency and maintain a healthy work environment, there is no substitute to a well-decorated workspace. Not to mention, if you have an office or space where your clients and customers move in and out of, it creates a great impression on your brand when the place is well designed and decorated.

“No need for interior design to enhance the beauty of a house”

There is no doubt that the space we live in has a multifarious effect on us. Your bedroom where you rest and sleep at night, the living room where you spend the majority of your time, the dining space where you have your breakfast every morning – each will affect your mood differently. A beautifully decorated space can give you a positive vibe as well as prepare you for the day.

There you have it. These were the most common interior designing miscommunications that we hear more often than not. It is not absolutely necessary for your home to be designed by an interior designer, but considering the advantages, why wouldn’t you?

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