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Dhaka and Chattogram, two of the major cities of the country, have always been compared to each other. Dhaka vs Chattogram, which one provides a better living experience?. Both these places have a different approach to life and aspects . There are plenty of reasons to make  a home in either of those areas. So why not take a look at different aspects of these two cities and compare how life differs in Dhaka and Chattogram. 

Housing & Living Costs:

Housing cost is one of the most influencing factors when it comes to choosing a place to live. And it goes without saying that the capital city is way more costly when it comes to housing. A typical 2 bedroom apartment in decent neighborhoods like Dhanmondi, Bashundhara R/A, Uttara, Mirpur can cost up to BDT 20,000 to  30,000. And that is just the rent alone. On the other hand, comparing Dhaka vs Chattogram, housing costs are comparatively lower in Chattogram. Here, a 2 bedroom apartment with all the modern facilities can be within BDT 15,000 to 20,000. However, the ROI of a property is much higher in Dhaka compared to Chattogram. For instance, if you invest in a property worth of 70 to 80 lac in Dhaka, within 10 years, the value can be doubled. 

City life of Chattogram

Transportation Costs:

When it comes to regular commute, Chattogram is way better for your pocket. Because of the cramped traffic and busy life, reaching one place to another is a big hassle in Dhaka. A 20 minute bus ride in Dhaka will cost you a minimum of 20 BDT, but in Chattogram, you will need to spend half the amount to cover the same distance. So in terms of transportation costs, comparing Dhaka vs Chattogram, commuting in Dhaka is more expensive. Apart from public transportation, all the ride sharing apps like Uber, Pathao, Shohoz all are available both in Dhaka and Chattogram. The fare for these services are more or less the same in both the cities. 

Educational Institutes: 

Dhaka is known as the education hub of the country. From Kindergarten to University, Dhaka has the best of the best Schools, Colleges and Universities. Top institutions like Viqarunnisa Noon School and College,Rajuk Uttara Model School & College, Scholastica, Maple Leaf,International Turkish Hope School, Dhaka University, NSU, BRAC, IUB, AIUB have been providing the best quality education for years now. Let it be public or private, when it comes to educational institutes, Dhaka still stays on top.This is why you will find a lot of students from all around the country come to Dhaka to pursue their education.

Chattogram is also not too far behind in this category. Chattogram Collegiate School, Ispahani Public School and College, Chattogram Government High School, Chattogram Grammar School, Mastermind International are few of the biggest educational institutions of Chattogram. Two of the most prestigious universities like Chattogram University and CUET are high in rankings in the list of public universities. In terms of private universities, International ISlamic University Chattogram (IIUC) is one of the top graded Government approved private universities in Bangladesh.

Ports of chattogram
Ports of Chattogram

Business & Trade

In recent times, job opportunities in Chattogram have grown immensely. With international and local companies like Unilever, Novartis LTD, BAT, Bkash etc expanding their business, you will find all the competitive job opportunities in Chattogram too. But, Dhaka being the capital of the country, job opportunities here are much higher in numbers compared to Chattogram. 

However, if you’re a businessman with local links and networks then Chattogram is a very promising place for you. There are more opportunities to explore the business sector in Chattogram in comparison to job sectors. Being the port capital of the country, export-import businesses are at an all time high in Chattogram now. 

Life in the city

Lifestyle & Entertainment :

Chattogram has a calm and beautiful city life with hills and a lot of greenery. But nowadays it is becoming more and more populated like Dhaka because of the process of fast urbanization. In comparison to Dhaka vs Chattogram, one of the huge drawbacks of this city life is there’s scarcity of entertainment sources compared to Dhaka. If you are a nature lover then places like DC hill, Parki, Kattali, Faye’s lake and Potenga will be your regular hangout spots. Now-a-days, many new restaurants are also opening up. In Dhaka, trendy restaurants, gaming zones, and resorts are one of the biggest sources of entertainment. 


In the cultural aspect, Dhaka and Chattogram are two different ends of a spectrum. Chattogram is more ethnically enriched and the most significant contributors to the population are indigenous Tibeto-Burman people. Extravagant weddings, great hospitality are an integral part of Chattogram culture. On the other hand, Dhaka is also culturally rich. Dhaka is rich in diversity and is a vibrant centre for music and the arts. Significant monuments in Dhaka include, Lalbagh fort, Ahsan Manzil, Liberation War Museum reflect the beauty of Dhaka. 

The comparison of Dhaka vs Chattogram is a never ending discussion. Both the cities are culturally enriched, provide a great living and are in a process of significant development. So, Dhaka or Chattogram, you will find your home in both of these beautiful cities. 


  1. Another city should be counted here, Sylhet; i went there for SUST admission test and seeing the city i felt impressed for it’s simple and less populated environment, Where You’ll not face suffocating congestion like Dhaka

  2. Maisha Tarannum

    Thank you for your suggestion. WE will try to cover Sylhet as well in our upcoming articles.

  3. Dr Mohammed

    Another thing is not mentioned here
    Grave yards are available in Chittagong
    Most of them are family grave yards

    Bit in Dhaka you have buy place to bury the ded bodies

    Another thing is thay we can go to potenga bech at any time it is secured enough now a days

    Next is tourism is far better than Dhaka like bhatiry sunset point
    Sitakundu new beach,

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