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While prominent properties of Dhaka see massive improvements recently, Mirpur has been developing for quite for some time now. Being one of the largest sub-localities in the city, it provides homes to many. Therefore, it is one of those few remaining areas in Dhaka where you will still find such diversity. Moreover, this place is famous for its iconic cricket stadium, Banarasi sarees and many more. Over the years, properties in Mirpur has taken shape and structured precisely. This not only had an adverse effect on the property prices but also increased the demand. So let’s find out what makes it a suitable living space and why you should consider living in Mirpur.

Real Estate Development in Mirpur

Under construction building from Mirpur
The area is going through numerous Development Projects

Currently, Bangladesh has sizeable middle-class earners with increased purchase capacity. This led to higher demand for mid-sized apartment spaces. Due to affordability and availability of properties, more people are choosing Mirpur as their home. This attracted a lot of prominent developers. Therefore, areas like Mirpur DOHS and several sections like 01, 02, 06 & 11 have seen immense growth in real estate, and it is still growing.

Roads and Transportation Facilities

Road From Mirpur
One of the crowded areas of Dhaka for it has a lot to offer

This is one of the major advantages of living in Mirpur. No matter where you want to go, you can go with your peace of mind unharmed. The reason is this place is a hub of public transport and hence you wouldn’t have to worry about availability. In moderate traffic, it only takes about 30 mins to go to Uttara/ Airport and a bit more for places like Gulshan and Banani. Once the metro rail finishes construction, the public commute would become much more accessible. Then you will be able to travel areas like Motijheel in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Shops, Offices, and Educational Institutions

DCC Building From Mirpur
Dhaka Commerce College

As Mirpur sees continuous growth, this also attracted businesses too. Here in Mirpur, you will find all your daily life necessities at your fingertips. There are already famous super shops like Aagora and Shwapno at several busiest locations in Mirpur. Plus, many prominent clothing and shoe brands have their outlets here as well.

Furthermore, almost all the leading banks have branches and ATMs distributed all over Mirpur. Besides, you will find important offices like BRTA, Thana Election Commission Office and many more. There are several reputed educational institutions here as well, like MIST, BUP, and Scholastica.

Recreational Facilities

Sher-E-Bangla National Cricket Stadium
Sher-E-Bangla National Cricket Stadium

As mentioned earlier, Mirpur is the home of the cricket as it has Sher-E-Bangla National Cricket Stadium here. If you are a cricket fan, you will certainly feel the advantage. Plus the national zoo is also located here. On the other hand, if you are a food fanatic, you would instantly fall in love with Mirpur’s traditional biryani and kebabs. Also, you wouldn’t be disappointed by the presence of international food chains either. Or if you feel like taking a break from monotonous city life, you can just take a long drive to somewhere outside Dhaka without the burden of long traffic.

These are simply the highlights of this amazing neighborhood. If you wish to live in a place where you feel alive, living in Mirpur should be on your list. Explore more of Mirpur with us and find that desirable home you always wanted.

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