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When it comes to keeping your place in the best condition, I think we can all agree that renovation is the most fun part.

While modern homes are known to have a rather cold and inherently minimalistic look, contemporary styles don’t necessarily have to be that way. It can be welcoming and comfortable as well. Below are a few interior design tips that will take the outlook of your home to the next level!

‘Trendy’ Isn’t The Way To Go

The trick is to make traditional pieces your core furniture. You can always incorporate changes around it by adding pillows, rugs and many other accessories (that too, every season if you want) but in order to make your space more homely, this is the easiest way to achieve an expertly blended modern classic interior with minimalistic backdrops.

Newer Isn’t Always Better

Relating to the aforementioned point, not only furniture but the pieces you want to make your focal point in a space, vintage-anything sounds like a great option. This is because vintage pieces usually have a wider range of options since they tend to consist of various patterns and textures. Something about intricate designs can easily give your room an illusion of a being fuller.


There are countless options in this day and age. Don’t limit yourself to your imagination! For instance, a floor-length curtain can make your room look bigger and added with comparatively smaller furniture, can instantly add a sense of sophistication. Neutral upholstery can be your go-to inspiration since that will give you a lot of other options to work with. Get high curtains even if it means you have to get the lower part trimmed a little.

Another way of making a space appear bigger is by adding glasses in between. For instance, you can add a glass shower door in your bathroom to fake square footage. That way, the transparency will not mess with your interior style and at the same time will make the room feel larger.


This can make or break the image of your home. While natural light is mostly preferred, we can always opt for lights of various kinds. Be it a bold, color splashed room or a realm of muted, neutral colors, overhead small lights can never go wrong! They can be a 100x times better if they come with switches which can be used to control their luminosity.


Depending on what kind of textures you go for, you can incorporate tech aesthetics as well as a timeless classic vibe to your home by simply adding metallic ornaments.

In conclusion, mix the old with the new. Don’t get stuck on a pattern. Think about the kind of materials you want to bring inside your home, the use of re-purposed furniture, and go for velvet covers for your sofas; engrave your personality into the walls and the curves of your home.

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