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Installing a swimming pool can completely transform a property. Whether you are looking to de-stress, exercise or enjoy it with the family, a swim can help you clear your head, feel rested and refreshed.

Swimming pool costs are heavily dependent on many factors, including size, landscape, and tiling. It is best to call up a contractor and get a preliminary quote to help you determine how much it will cost for you to install the pool on your property.

For an average pool, you need to have a budget of at least BDT 100,000 – 200,000. This would be an entry-level model, ideal for the front yard. The smaller size of the pool, however, would mean that maintenance would be easier and less expensive. For a more sophisticated model, experienced contractors in Bangladesh will ask for between BDT 800,000 and 20,00,000, depending on exact specifications like size, quality, and optional extras.

When it comes to the size,  you are most likely to pay per square foot. Try to get a sufficient size to keep the cost down. Keep the depth to a minimum, as digging deeper will cost you more for labor and materials.

Speaking of materials, what you want to use to build your pool is crucial. Gunite and fiberglass might go well with your premium estate but can come at a big price. Vinyl and tiles are more likely to cost less, and will still be durable.

Decorations are considered optional extras, and the cost depends on exactly what you would like to add to the basic construction of the structure. This can range from water fountains to the shape of the pool, to lighting effects. The possibilities are endless and depend on what your contractor can deliver, as well as your budget.

When it comes to construction, ensure that you research how much companies are charging and compare prices. Before you start this, decide how much you will be willing to spend, and stick to this amount – don’t get distracted by additional accessories that you can’t afford. Remember, you can always add these later.



    Dear sir, Assalamualikum. We want to construct one modern swimming pool (50 m X 25 m ) at kaptai. Please send one details cost estimation about complete swimming pool.

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    The article you read here was simply to provide people with an estimation for how much to expect a swimming pool may cost to construct. We are sorry for the confusion as we do not provide construction services or costings.

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