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Whether you are preparing to shift apartments or offices, you cannot overlook the importance of packing. The simple act of organizing items and carefully packing them will prevent any damage from occurring. Additionally, this will also help you keep better track of items while moving. That is why we’ve selected the cost of packing items as our topic for the third and final part of the three-part series discussing the general cost of moving apartments in Dhaka. In the first part, we talked about the transportation cost of shifting apartments, while in the second part we discussed movers cost in Dhaka. So today we’ll be talking about all the items you need for packing items properly and the general packing cost.


Boxes are one of the most important things for packing when shifting
Cardboard boxes are perfect for moving smaller items

Your life becomes a series of boxes when moving to a new place. Most of the small household items in your apartment are packed into cardboard boxes and made ready for the shift. Items such as kitchenware, glassware, small items of decors, and other similar items are stored in boxes during the move. Small to medium, electronic devices are also placed in these boxes. Cardboard boxes help separate these items and make them easier to move. It usually takes quite a few boxes to pack every item of the apartment. All electronic devices come with their own boxes. So you don’t have to worry about getting boxes for those items; unless you’ve lost them. A single large cardboard box can cost around BDT 150 to 200. Depending on the number of household items, this cost of packing items can stack up a bit.

Adhesive Tape

Items like tape don't add much packing cost
A roll of tape can last you far longer than the move itself

While boxes are an essential component when shifting apartments, you’ll also need something to keep its lid closed during transport. Enter adhesive tapes. There are several types of tape of varying adhesive strength available in the market. However, most people prefer to use masking tape to seal boxes when moving. Masking tape is made up of easy-to-tear paper with strong adhesive properties. Once the items are placed inside a box, you can just seal them off with masking tape and don’t have to worry about items spilling out. Tape is usually inexpensive unless you are getting industrial grade tape. A quality roll of masking tape costs around BDT 200 and is usually enough to cover the entire move.

Bubble Wrap & Styrofoam

cost of packing when shifting fragile apartments
Protecting sensitive items properly should not be overlooked

A home is full of items that are fragile and need to be handled carefully when moving to a new place. Items such as plates, artwork, lamps, televisions, and mirrors need to be cushioned from outside pressure to prevent damage. That is why it is best to use bubble wrap and styrofoam as protective barriers. This creates a buffer between the walls of the box and the items inside which prevent damage. Both styrofoam and bubble wrap are durable enough to protect against minor accidents. As for their cost, 1-inch width styrofoam costs around BDT 200 to 300; while a roll of bubble wrap (1.2 x 27.5 m) costs just around BDT 100 to 150. So the cost of packing items in this regard will also depend on how many items you need to protect.

Markers and Labelers

labeling boxes is one of the important thing for packing
Labeling boxes allow you to keep proper track of items

Without markers and labelers, every move would be more chaotic than what it is now. We would have to spend a lot of time trying to find specific items once the shift is done. Luckily, this chaos is averted easily by marking the boxes according to their contents. While labelers may be more suited for this purpose, their lack of availability and high cost discourages people from using them. A quality labeler can cost anywhere between BDT 4,000-6,000. On the other hand, good markers can be bought for as little as BDT 200. You can just write on boxes using markers to identify their contents easily.


While not overtly one of the essential things for packing, suitcases allow you to carry valuable items
While not overtly one of the essential things for packing, suitcases allow you to carry valuable items

Along with labelers, suitcases make up the bulk of the cost of packing items when moving to a new place. However, that cost can be avoided if you already have suitcases. Basically, suitcases serve a similar purpose to boxes. But unlike boxes, suitcases are usually used to transport clothes and valuable items like jewelry. That is why you only need a few suitcases that can cover only a small portion of the total item. Suitcases come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their cost varies according to brand as well. However, a family sized suitcase costs around BDT 4,000 on average.

Whether you are buying an apartment or renting one, you need to be ready for the move and the cost it will entail. And while the cost of packing items may not be much, it pays to be aware of how much you might need to spend.

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