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Rooftop gardens are a cool new trend in the cities of Bangladesh. Due to rapid urbanization, multi storied buildings have taken over the cities, leaving no room for greenery. Hence, rooftop gardens have emerged as a point of bliss for city dwellers.

The residents of Dhaka have shown some incredible skills in rooftop gardening over the years. Most rooftops will have a miniature flower garden but some have taken it to the next level and created intensive gardens with all kinds of plants and trees. If you are planning on embarking onto this journey of gardening or want to upgrade your existing garden then here are some tips for you.

Plan Your Area

Many of us still undermine the importance of planning a garden. But a garden without a proper plan may end up looking disorganized and scattered. So before you start your gardening, take measurements of your floor area and plan out how you want your garden to be on a piece of paper. This will help you determine what belongs in your space and what doesn’t.

Get nice Flooring

The floor covers the largest area of your roof, so getting a nice floor is important. Just changing the floors can instantly alter the look of you rooftop. So consider getting outdoor tiles or grass carpets for your garden. You can use ceramic tiles that look like wood to give your garden an earthier feel.

Use no more than three Colors

Even for a garden, the color palette matters. You cannot compromise with the green of your plants or the vibrancy of the flowers. However, if you are going to have furniture for sitting or tiles on your floor, make sure their colors do not collide. Keep your furniture, cushions, walls and floor tiles in a harmonious color palette.

Choose your Plants Carefully

While decorating a garden, we often bring in plants without much thought. This makes our garden look more like a wild jungle. If you want a forest vibe, that’s totally fine. But if you are going for a more put-together garden where you can relax, here is what you should do. Choose plants of all sizes. Use larger plants around the edge of your roof to give you more privacy. Different sized plants should be arranged together to create some balance. Get planters of different sizes as well. Create layers with your smaller plants by placing one of them at a level using stool or a wooden box.


Adding fine lighting will let you enjoy your garden even after dark. You can get garden lights of different shapes and sizes, some even solar powered. Stringing LED lights in your garden will help transform it onto a night-time spectacle.

Focal Point

Your garden will attract an instant look of awe if you add a focal point to it. A fountain in your garden is sure to turn heads. But you can also have a wall mural or a huge vertical garden; a beautiful arrangement of plants or an antique sculpture serves as your focal point in the garden.

Rooftop gardening is becoming an increasingly common practice today. There are many technical factors that need to be taken care of in a roof top garden. But in this article we attempted to guide the garden enthusiasts to create a more aesthetically pleasing garden.

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