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Now when I say canvas above our heads, we imagine you’re thinking of the Sistine Chapel and all of Michelangelo’s wondrous work. Though nothing that detailed, we do believe the ceiling in our homes and offices go mostly ignored. And that’s such a shame because there is so much we can do with it. Today we’ll be discussing quite a few ways of making the most of the free space and create beautiful ceilings.


Make it shout!

The simplest way to make the ceiling pop is to just add some color. If all your walls are white, why not paint your ceiling blue? Create a contrast. We’ve got lots of articles on color around the house, like this one on revitalizing your home. Figure out what you want to achieve and splash some color on the ceiling. You’d be amazed at what a difference it makes.


decorative fan
Make it both beautiful and useful

It doesn’t always have to just be about looking good. Make the free space useful alongside aesthetic. The most common way of doing so is having a ceiling fan. To make it nicer, get a decorative fan – expect less air flow with these. And if you’re feeling REALLY lavish, get yourself a chandelier; it is nothing short of extravagant and actually provides a means of lighting.

Depth of Field

textured ceiling
Texture make a huge difference

Adding texture or creating physical designs is a great way to add some depth to a room. The ceiling is a flat, blank slate that gives the impression of an end. Though that’s its purpose, it doesn’t have to look so bland. Create various features with putty and paint over it or have a professional carve in intricacies to really make it shout and create beautiful ceilings.


Multiple layers change everything

You can go beyond depth-of-field, if you’re feeling the urge. Create beautiful ceilings by adding layered borders. You can even throw in ambient lighting with color controls; that is always a beautiful move. Perhaps you want to multiply the depth effect? Lots of offices have false ceilings you can adopt. More advanced forms of false ceiling incorporate multiple layers to create domes and steps; definitely a move for high aesthetics if done right. And of course, my personal favorite, you can add wooden beams. This completely changes the feel of the place, taking you to a place of simple and comfortable living.

Create beautiful ceilings to create beautiful places. We all look past it because we rarely do it justice. But there is so much space above our heads that can be used functionally and aesthetically. Why wouldn’t we? Do you feel like it’s a waste of money and energy doing these things? Or perhaps you have different ideas. Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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