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Pondering over how you can transform a random room to the most charming guest room in your house? Let’s begin by getting rid of clutter in the areas where visitors will rest, regardless of whether it’s a visitor room or the lounge room. Invest in inexpensive charming little items that will create the perfect guest room. The perfect guest room is a place that makes your guests feels comfortable and safe. Adding a little luxury is always a good idea, but comfort comes first.

Let there be light!

Painting your walls in a fresh and soothing tone is the first step to a tranquil guest room. Always make sure the room is well ventilated. A fresh ambiance and plenty of natural light will soothe your guests’ senses and give them a sense of peace.

The best bed and high quality material

Comfortable bedding is really necessary for your guests. A quality mattress and super comfortable pillows along with extra blankets will give them a good night’s sleep. Invest in high quality linens and provide guests with a spare sheet and blanket set where possible.

Add bedside lighting and other surrounding objects

In case your guests have brought a holiday book to enjoy, consider investing in a reading lamp for the bedside table. You can place interesting books on a bookshelf both for design and to give guests some choice when it comes to reading material. Provide your guests with some fresh fruit and some bottled water to help them feel at home.

Add a dressing table with a chair

Even if the washroom has a mirror, a mirror and a mini vanity light above the dressing table can be very useful for grooming purposes. For unloading their baggage, consider placing a chair on one side of the room, ideally next to an empty space for a suitcase. Depending upon their length of stay, visitors will probably need to unpack their belongings. Make as much space in closets and drawers as you can.

Don’t forget the bathroom!

Consider placing some small new toiletries in the bathroom. Lay out fresh towels, washcloths, and tissues for convenience. Consider providing feminine hygiene products, talcum powder, and anything else that you think may add a finishing touch of thoughtfulness.

Extra space

When your guests feel like relaxing on a surface other than their bed, they may appreciate a small sofa or a bean bag. Add scented candles and freshly cut flowers to make the ambiance as pleasant and fragrant as you can. In the event that you don’t have an additional hairdryer, iron, and pressing board to offer, make sure that you tell your visitor where they can find yours.

Enjoy your experience of hosting!

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