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The number of pet owners in Bangladesh have greatly increased over the years. Cats, dogs, birds and even mice are among growing numbers. Everyone has started getting themselves a non-human friend. And we at Bproperty hope everyone is housed well, including pets. For those lucky enough to have a house that allows them, we have put together some points we believe will truly help in creating a pet-friendly apartment.

Eating Habits

good food makes a happy pet
Food habit plays an important role

Food drives the heart. This is especially so for our pets. Though many pets like hamsters and birds are kept inside a small house of their own, many roam the house like kings. Feeding time can be comfortable and clean for pets with their own housing, such as birds and fish. But our free roaming friends need a few accommodations made for a real pet-friendly apartment.

A fixed feeding location is always a great idea for a happy pet. For one, they always know where to go for their food. For another, a single spot is much easier to clean up after than the entirety of the house. Another thing to consider for a happy pet is the food itself. Of course, we want the food to be of the greatest quality and pet shops are now full of very helpful attendants to help you decide on the best food. But we also don’t want to ever under or overfeed them; no matter how cute they look. So keeping the food in a safe place, where they can’t treat themselves to an unplanned sneaky snack, is a great practice.

Hygiene Matters

healthy means happy pet
Grooming is the art of a healthy pet

With food comes hygiene issues. Pet owners know the struggle of cleaning after pets. Maintaining a good food schedule ensures regular dietary movement and healthy skin (or fur, feathers, scales, etc.). Potty training is a difficult task for many. Defining a set location for the activity becomes imperative in keeping a clean and hygienic home. Also, keeping track of litter or other component quality is a must. Knowing what your pet is comfortable with or allergic to is very important. Another cleanup issue is shedding. Fur, especially, can get everywhere from furniture to freshly laundered clothes which can then end up in your food. A good diet can prevent only so much hair loss, so it’s always a good idea to keep a brush handy for a tidy finish. One of the best means of keeping a healthy and happy pet is to clean and shower them regularly and to keep an eye on their self-grooming schedules.

Sleeping Accommodations

Healthy pets need good rest
Comfort above all else

A comfy bed at the end of the day is just the most wonderful feeling. But often times we end up sharing it with our pets. And that’s absolutely great! Until we realize there is no more space and we are now their guest. Though our four-legged friends will park themselves wherever they feel at any given moment, a truly pet-friendly apartment provides them with a dedicated spot with the right accommodations. This definitely saves us a night of hanging off the side of the bed. Making this spot inviting, in a comfortable part of the house near the owner really makes them feel loved.  But always make sure it’s not too close to food or potty, or they may start sharing their bed with those habits.

Escape Routes

a pet-friendly home is always safe
Safety is key

The thought of a pet running out of the door or jumping out of the window is the nightmare of many. We tend to look for beautiful spacious, pet-allowed apartments with multiple window views like this house in Bashundhara. But this apartment life also provides the scare of beloved pets exiting from great heights, unaware of the dangers of doing so.

One of the keys to creating a pet-friendly apartment is to ensure the security of your little (sometimes huge) non-human friends. Pet shops provide many accessories for transforming doors into more accessible gateways for our dogs and cats. But what about windows? Make sure exit points are always securely locked and can’t be easily used by pets unless the path is safe. And for windows that absolutely need to stay open in a house with pets, invest in some window netting. Your glorious bird should be able to fly in the house without the fear of getting lost in the bustling city beyond. Yes, a pet-friendly apartment is sometimes at the cost of the aesthetics of your lovely house, but there is no price we wouldn’t pay for the safety of our pets.

Dangerous Interactions

create a safe environment
So many things can pose a threat

We perceive the world very different from animals. Our ability to distinguish between safe and dangerous articles has brought us a long way in life. When we introduce pets to the house, we have to keep in mind that there are certain things we have to make safe for them. A pet-friendly apartment means a pet-safe home. Our medicine has to be kept safe from children but also from pets. Since they can’t tell the difference between pills and a tiny treat, it is our responsibility to prevent such mishaps.

The same goes for food that our pets may be allergic to. For example, pet mice are not to be experimented on and should always be kept safe from tiny morsels that are not fit for their diet. It is also wise to be careful of the plants in the house as many pose a great threat to some animals. Then there is the issue of sharp objects. Though important for even the owners, we should always take stock of where we keep scissors and knives and not allow unwanted incidents to occur. A great way to keep your pets busy is to get them toys from a nearby pet shop so they don’t feel the need to play with things not meant for them.

Preventing Damage to the House

share a human and pet friendly home
Everything must be secured

We love our pets. And they love us (even cats, though they pretend not to). But this love can get out of hand with excitable pets. We must design pet-friendly rooms as a house is full of objects and furniture that attract their fancy, and their wrath. For birds, everything becomes a place to perch. Dogs see everything as a play toy. Cats just dislike anything that isn’t broken. But we can reduce a lot of this with some precautions before our bank accounts suffer the consequences. Reinforcing lamps with some double-sided tape under the base can help a surprising amount. The use of wall-mounted TVs or monitors instead of stands removes additional objects that can be knocked over in the heat of the moment. And of course, store away smaller objects from harm’s reach of playful pets.

Of course, all of this is not fool-proof, but it will definitely help in creating a pet-friendly apartment. Then again, these apply only to things that may break. Furniture is under severe threat at all times. Stain-resistant furniture or furniture covers can help greatly. Also, remember to put away shoes so Tommy can’t make himself a new chew-toy. Providing our pets with their own place to play can distract them quite a bit. You can even visit your closest pet shop to pick up some furniture specially made for your pets! Also, a little love and attention go a long way in preventing them from having the desire to ruin the house.

Our pets are our friends and family members. Finding a place that allows pets is difficult. However, there are a few apartments in Uttara and some flats in Mirpur that do, if you’re looking for them. So once you get your hands on a wonderful house, make sure it’s turned into a pet-friendly apartment and a beautiful home. At the end of the day, they shower us with their affection, shouldn’t we do the same?

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