Due to the shortage of space in our urban homes, we have learned to make peace with our tiny nests. But then again, we cannot help but long for bigger houses. That is when optical illusions come in handy. One can use many elements to create illusions of a bigger room, but today we are going to focus on paint.

Choosing the right paint has a lot to do with the appearance of your room. Darker paints on your walls will make your space look small and cramped. Therefore it is wiser to go for lighter shades of paint. Some of the shades are discussed below:


White rooms instantly look bigger. White walls takes the eyes further away and gives the illusion of infinite space. If you are concerned about your room looking too bland in white, you can also add bright colored accessories to pop up against the white.


Grey is a very subtle color that is somewhere between Plain White and Pitch Black. Grey walls will create an open and calming atmosphere in your room.  Grey also works well with any color palette due to its neutral tone.


This greenish blue color will go very well with rooms that have access to sunlight. It will make your room look cool, airy and close to nature.  Compared to the usual grey and white, Aqua is a fun color that is still soft and casual.

Soft Pink

Soft pink is a very versatile color choice for homes. It goes with children’s nurseries as well as living rooms. It is fun and sophisticated at the same time. You can incorporate pink in your space with pillows, accessories and even soft pink furniture.


This delicate shade of purple, will add a floral tone to your room. Lavender also pairs up well with bright colors like yellow, emerald green or orange.

Pastel Shades

Pastel shades of any color are generally better at reflecting light and creating an enlarging effect on your space. Muddy pastels will be counterproductive in this regard. So, carefully choose shades that reflect light.

Monochromatic Color Schemes

While painting your walls, try to maintain a monochromatic scheme throughout the room. The furniture, rugs, and curtains should all be of similar shades so that the eyes can easily float around without the interruption of another color. This will help you achieve a very minimalistic and neat look that will ultimately make your room appear bigger.

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