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Eid is a festival of happiness. After the holy month of Ramadan and a month of fasting and worshipping Allah, Muslims worldwide celebrate Eid al-Fitr with festivity and hospitality. That is why Eid is also called the “Festival of Breaking the Fast”. And like any other festival, Eid also starts from home. That’s why your house needs special treatments so as to reflect the vibe and energy back to us and everyone who wishes to visit. Be it kids or the elders, everybody loves to adorn their homes during Eid. Now there are plenty of ways to decorate a house but during Eid, you need to do something different to enhance the beauty and ambiance of the day. To that end, here are some of the most amazing home decor ideas for Eid.

Lighting statement

The impact of proper lighting on the overall decoration is crucial

Home decoration during Eid is all about making a statement. From the door to the kitchen, every area of your home should exude a welcoming vibe of joy and happiness. And nothing makes a bigger statement than the lighting of your home. Also, lighting impacts our visuals more than anything. Positive lighting elevates the mood and extends the feeling of happiness. That is why you see more lighting elements than anything in festivals. So try to add as many beautiful lighting elements as you can to your home. 

Use decorative lanterns, these are traditional lighting elements and you can never go wrong with them when it comes to decor ideas for Eid. Along with creating a magical atmosphere, the lanterns will give your home the desired look. Scented candles are also amazing; not only as decorative items but also for uplifting your guest’s spirit and mood. Or, float some candles on a bowl of water, and voila! You can now use that as a centerpiece. Furthermore, you can also jazz up your indoors with fairy lights should you be interested in that.

Memory wall

Wall decor paper cutting
A memory wall helps to set the festive mood

Lighting may have the biggest advantage when it comes to creating a statement but an accent wall can create almost a similar impact inside a room. There are numerous ways to create an accent wall or memory wall in your house but for Eid, it is all about the look and feel of the house. Splashing the wall with a new coat of paint would not be a bad idea but it is not mandatory as long as you stick with the theme. And the theme is simple for a cultural and religiously festive celebration like Eid. You can incorporate anything that resonates with Islamic culture including handcrafted garlands, artistic paper cuttings of stars and moon dusted with glitters. Or you can create the EID MUBARAK littering and hang it on your memory wall to greet the guests. Once completed, add proper lighting to highlight the area and you are all set to host a great Eid for your loved ones.

Carpets and rugs

Rugs, carpets
Rugs and carpets makes everything feel cozy and beautiful

Enough about the statement, let’s talk about the thing that makes your stay at the house comfortable and cozy, carpets and rugs. Although they are technically different, depending on the circumstances their functionality is similar. Rugs are great for embellishment and they can make your house beautiful. Carpets, on the other hand, are very functional and focus on making the area cozy and comfortable. No matter whichever you choose, having one for your home would be one of the best home decor ideas for Eid. They can elevate the entire environment of your home by making it comfy to walk on. Also, the soft and smooth, traditional carpets adorned with embellished accessories can garner you a lot of compliments as they usually catch people’s attention. There are plenty to choose from, you just have to choose the right carpet or rug.

Sumptuous dining table with exquisite crockeries

Food table
Food is what makes the Eid so special

One of the most important things that make Eid sweetest is the hospitality and mouth-watering delicacy. Food is such a huge part of the celebration and you shouldn’t let that go unnoticed. Bring those fancy sets of silverware and tableware that you stored away for special occasions and get them ready for the grand feast. Not only will these contribute to the beauty of the house, it will also give you a sense of satisfaction. 

But the celebration of Eid is not complete without a sumptuous dining table full of delicious and mouth-watering foods. Make your dining table look delectable to your guests. It is the food that makes the memory more memorable. The flavor, the aroma, the sound, and the small talk meld into one to create the happiest memory.

Incorporating these decor ideas for Eid should transform your home into a cheerful place. The goal is to make your home inviting and festive. And there are plenty of things that you can incorporate to make your home festive, you just have to focus on one thing; happiness. Happiness creates beautiful memories and memories are what bind us together.

So how are you planning to create your happiest Eid? Let us know in the comments section below.

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