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Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a grand house so the idea of optimizing home space is a common thought among most people. But even if our homes offer a smaller space, we should not give up in our quest to make it look adorned, well-furnished and with all kinds of decorations.

We often renounce when it comes to what decorative items to use for the embellishment of our homes, primarily due to a lack of space. Sometimes, we even accumulate things while cleaning and put them away simply because they are no longer of use to us. However, with these ideas you will not only be able to optimize space in your homes but you also will not have to give up any item. Let us take a look at how some of these hanging ideas look like:

Use the roof to store

There is a large space in our homes that do not use: the space between our heads and the ceiling.  What if we took advantage of these spaces? One way to do this is by hanging boxes from the roof with rails and then using those boxes to keep towels, sheets and everything you do not use on a day to day basis. When doing so, make sure you hang them well. And of course, avoid putting them on top of your beds!

Use Hanging Shelves

Do you have the shoe closet full, taking up lots of space and do not know where to store your latest collections? Then it is the perfect time to create one of those elegant shoe storage displays you come across at malls or shoe stores, right at home! You can have custom-made cabinetry, shelves, drawers and shoe storage with the help of a professional carpenter or make one yourself with help of DIY videos online, to display your stunning collections. The same can be used for storing your other accessories or handbags. The saying “One can never have too many shoes” makes so much sense now that you know where exactly to put them, right?

Have space in the kitchen

With the help of hanging shelves for all utensils, saving space in the kitchen becomes a lot easier. A bright idea is to divide spaces accordingly. For example, the use of counter-tops for cooking and air spaces to store everything. This not only saves space on the counters, but also makes cooking hassle free and tidy.

Corner and Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a trendy space-saving hanging option, which provides a display for your books or the little trinkets and showpieces that you love. They can also be used to provide a space for your potted plants to add greenery to the room.

Corner shelves are another smart option when it comes to hanging options. These shelves put the corners to good use, where you couldn’t accommodate a dresser, a table or a chair. You can also attach hooks to your shelves for hanging.

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