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The bookworm is the one who enjoys reading books, gets bored reading books, cries while reading books, or bursts into laughter reading books. The bookworms have so many memories mixed with books, the urge to find the most secluded part of the house, the addiction to the novels hidden in the gap of the textbook – these are the experiences, but each of them is a very personal emotion growing in the house. This is why the homes of bookworms also become a reflection of their thinking. Their feelings are stuck with their books. In some corner of the house, they discover their passionate affair with books. And to nurture that relationship, if the bookworm makes their whole house a kingdom of books, they cannot be blamed one bit!

But what about the homes of bookworms? Are you a bookworm yourself? How do you want to decorate your home with thousands of books? Let’s go on a journey together to know how aesthetically pleasing the tales of the books in your home.

If there is a library at home

books arranged on the table under a lamp
If you have a library at home, you can explore the varieties of books around you

Who amongst us does not want to build a private library in the middle of the house? Having a small library in any home, not just the homes of bookworms means that the beauty and nobility of the house increases a hundredfold. In this case, the decision of which part of the house you want to make the library is also important. It is best to have a separate room with a study room and library. The space with plenty of light and airflow is ideal for your library. Decide what the room will look like on the bookshelf, seater, etc.

Nowadays, there are comfortable multipurpose seaters where you can spend hours reading books. You can choose any seater you want. Also, if the library or study room is quite small in range, use colors to make the room look bigger. There are many ways to make a small house look more spacious with the help of light colors like light blue, light green, etc. The choice of tasteful colors and textures on the walls of the house is indicative of your bookish thinking. At the same time, you can make the home a little more aesthetic by using lights and shades. Many book lovers love to read books under the lamp. In this case, you can have a stand lamp or table lamp to suit their taste. Now let’s bring your library closer to nature. Plants arranged in clay, or ceramic tubs can add a little green in your life when you’re reading your book.

A Bookworms Bedroom

Do bookworms only read books in the library? Then how do they spend time in their bedrooms? Or the book lover who doesn’t have the opportunity to have a library in a separate room has the only option in their private bedroom, right? That is why you need to think about how to make the bedroom suitable for arranging and reading books. You can put a bookshelf by the window to keep books. Also, if the pillars of the room ruin the space, think for an alternative. You can arrange the books with many shelves from the bottom to the top. Nowadays, bed-cum-shelves are also available where you can use the lower part of the bed as a shelf. Even if the bedroom is small, there are many ways to make the bedroom aesthetically pleasing.

But if the bedroom is a little more spacious and you want to have a small section of a library there, then you should consider a bedroom cabinet. These are very common in homes of bookworms. There are numerous benefits of bedroom cabinets. A large part of the cabinet can contain books even after storing other necessary things. And here are the books that are your favorite. Or books that you are currently reading or will read for the next few months. You don’t have to rush to different rooms to find books. It will be easier if you use separate shelves to arrange the books according to the author or thematic catalog.

However, no matter how you arrange the books, create a suitable environment in your bedroom for reading books. There should be adequate light, air as well as a quiet environment without a little noise. There are also many other tips to arrange your bedroom.

Book selection and decoration

a multipurpose book shelf
A multipurpose bookshelf can help you connect to other activities while reading book

There is no doubt that you have bought a lot of books since you are a bookworm. But amidst so many books, the much-needed book is often not available. Make a list of the books in the collection to avoid this embarrassment. Maybe you bought a lot of books for various reasons. Now decide which books to keep and reject. Doing so will make it easier to separate unnecessary books. You can sell the books that you don’t want in old bookstores.  You can also send the books as a gift to a known book lover or a library. In addition to books, you can also collect various types of magazines, journals, etc.

Precisely how one prefers to arrange the books on the shelves depends on the individual tastes, preferences, and needs. You can sort them in many ways – by the author’s name or by the color of the cover of the book. You can also sort by subject. There are genres such as stories, poems, essays, plays, novels, films, paintings, biographies, religion, politics, economics, dictionaries or terminology, etc.

The main advantage of arranging thematic books is that you can find the books instantly when you need them. Besides, place large books on either side of the shelf or one side. You can arrange showpieces and photo frames in the middle of the book on the middle-shelf. Add some decoration to the glasses of the shelf, a little in one corner as a glass painting. That is how the homes of bookworms look.

Use cabinet shelves, floating shelves, or the floors of different rooms to place your books. But do bear in mind that the less furniture you can keep in a home library, the better.

The scent of the book in the corner

books arranged in shelves with a furnished chair
The smell of books at the corner of the house adds color to life

Not just a library or bedroom, you can use the balcony, living room, and even the dining space for books. If you spread every corner of your home with books, it will not be an exaggeration. The scent of the book seems to fit very well with every part of the house. With a small table on one side of the balcony and a relaxing chair, you can get lost in the Satkahan of Samaresh. Or you can unveil your favorite two or three lines from the romantic poem of Nirmalendu Guna enjoying the sound of the rain by the window.

The living room is where the guests find a place as soon as they enter the house. Unlike other showpieces and furniture as a decoration of the living room, if you have a few layers of books, that is an indication of your taste to the guest. Also, you can easily convert your space just like the homes of bookworms.

It is not new for you to dive into the sea of ​​books leaning on the divan in the afternoon.

Which part of your house is full of books? Where is your bookworm mind most satisfied sitting reading books? Let us know in the comments below.

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