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Even if you have invested a lot of time and money in your furniture, your house may still look bland. The reason is most likely your boring walls. To add some life to your dull neutral walls, there are some really fun and creative ways to decorate your modern walls. Some interesting elements to elevate your wall décor are:

Large Abstract Paintings

Abstract, minimalist paintings are very modern in their appearance. A large painting that covers the wall will instantly set the mood to your room. Abstract art comes in many colors, shapes and sizes. They are sure to attract the attention of your guests while offering thousands of interpretations each time you see them. When hanging large paintings, make sure they are centralized. The ideal size to adorn a large wall is by leaving 6 to 12 inches empty space from each side.

3D Metal Wall Art

This is the hot new trend that is taking over. They come in silver, copper and gold. They add texture to your interior as opposed to a regular canvas paintings. They are like sculptures that you can hang on your wall. They have a grand visual impact that leaves everyone in awe. Choose the metal of your choice and make sure it goes with other accessories and furniture in your room. For example, if you have a lot of copper accessories in your room, go for wall art that has a hint of copper in it.

Contemporary Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been around for decades. Thankfully, it hasn’t gone out of style. With changes in trends, wallpapers have also evolved with new designs and patterns. Gone are the days of Floral and Damask wallpapers. You can easily find wallpaper with interesting patterns resembling doodles, chevron patterns, large statement flowers and even landscapes. Choose from the newer styles to get that modern vibe in your home.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors work exceptionally well for small rooms. It will open up your space and add more dimension to your room. A mirror with a fancy frame will also serve as a décor item for your house. Apart from looking glasses, you can also bring in statement wall art made of mirror pieces. These are classy pieces of art that draws the attention of the viewer. Mirror wall art will add a royal touch to your interior and lift your décor to the next level.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is yet another one of those timeless styles. You can have a wall filled with framed pictures of similar items or go for an eclectic style where you incorporate empty frames, paintings, decorative masks and display them on the wall. Make sure you unify all these items by maintaining a specific color palate.

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