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Childhood is a memorable phase of life. You would capture every special moment if it were possible, right? Yes, more or less everyone feels the same way, and your kids will not be any different. Raising children in a proper environment is crucial as it has a significant impact on their mind, creativity, and behavior. Same reason why it is also necessary to have an age appropriate room ambiance. Allow us to give a couple of decoration ideas for bedroom keeping the concerns in mind.

Based on maturity level, we have segmented the childhood in four segments; Toddler,  Play stage, Elementary Stage, and Teenage. Let’s look at them one by one, shall we?

ROOM Decoration ideas for Toddlers ( Newborn to 3 Years Old )

Room decoration ideas for toddlers
A cozy and open room space is necessary for toddlers and their sound sleep

Having a gender neutral color scheme on walls with small details is a safe card to play. As your child grows, the room will grow as well. Also, monochrome is trending currently so you will be on track anyway. Since cleanliness is a big factor for toddler’s room, keep enough open space for ease. Although, make a place for yourself so that you can sing a lullaby to the baby and put him/ her to bed. A simple and cozy chair beside their cot will suffice in this case. Don’t forget to add a basket in the corner, so it becomes easier to store the toys and other stuff and prevent babies from getting hurt.

Play Stage ( 4 to 7 years old )

children bedroom decorations with fun colours
Fun colors work the best in a bedroom for children aged between 3 to 7

Usually, children become most cheerful during this period. They will run around and play until you reach the verge of losing your mind. Yes, parenting is hard but don’t blame kids, they are just learning. Help them to learn more by adding playful elements in the room. Go for bright and fun paints like blue or green or a combination of multiple colors on different walls. You can buy beds with cartoon characters, playhouses, reading tables and chairs as per their height and choice. Visit Gulshan 1, Gulshan/ Banani DCC market for products and furniture like these. Based on requirement and type, price varies, especially if you place a custom order.

Elementary Stage ( 8 to 12 Years old )

decoration ideas for bedroom with bunk beds
Think long term while shopping furniture and avoid unnecessary cost

Between 7 to 12 years, children start being mature and act more rationally. They grow the sense of learning and start exploring. Therefore, it is imperative to have an appropriate and healthy environment for their development. Replace their old ‘cartoon bed’ with a much larger bed and proper design. You can buy bunk beds if there is more than one child in the house. Place a bookshelf in the corner or install plywoods to utilize the vertical space. Provide them with necessary personal space as well by separating reading tables for shared rooms. Also, while shopping furniture, buy accordingly, so you don’t need an upgrade very soon. Prominent home decor shops have plenty of options for kids so make sure you have the right one.

TeenageRS ( 13 to 18 Years old )

Teens will come up their own decoration ideas, all you need to do is help them fininding the best
Teens will come up their own decoration ideas, all you need to do is help them find the best ones

Privacy matters the most for teenagers. Unless it is very difficult to afford separate bedrooms for each child, they should have individual spaces. Therefore, buy a spacious apartment with multiple bedrooms. Regarding decors, you don’t need to take control; in most cases, teens themselves will come up with their own decoration ideas. However, as guardians, help them upgrading. Usually, it is subjective as those ideas are a reflection of their personality so don’t jump into conclusion too quick if it doesn’t match with yours. Prioritize and think which area of the room needs more attention.

Hit the walls with bold designs, keep open space for hanging personal stuff like photographs or fairy lights. A bean bag or a ceiling mounted swing will be perfect for spending some leisure time. Storage is also a big factor for teenagers so keep space for closet or almirahs. Lastly, teens pay a considerable amount of attention to their outfit and looks and therefore don’t forget to have a mirror in their room.

Now, imagine revisiting your old bedroom where you used to keep all the ‘cool’ stuff. Probably you will check a thing or two, bring out the old photo album and then slowly slide into deep nostalgia. Most likely your children will feel the same way as well when they grow up. It is your responsibility to give them something to remember, something to look back. Hope these come to benefit while brainstorming ideas for children bedroom decorations.

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