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You always remember the house you walk into that makes an indelible impact on you. Something strikes you immediately when you enter it and it’s often hard to put your finger on why that is. The fact of the matter is that style and taste are subjective and each person will have a unique idea of what works. Having said that there are a few recurring ingredients in homes that come together well and I will address these below.

A blend of unique things

Combining the weird and the wonderful, the bought and the made, should be your starting foundations. Items you picked up travelling the far reaches of the world should sit beside old sentimental pieces. These things should make you remember the good times, laugh, maybe even cry but at a minimum they should be thought provoking. The stories that surround us act as creative fuel to inspire our lives. The energy that is imbued makes the house a home.

A mix of openness and cozy crannies

It is important to think of harmony and balance. Too many open spaces leave a place feeling soulless, but one too many nooks and the place can seem claustrophobic. Open spaces can lead to creativity, allowing the mind to think freely. But the physical security or comfort of a small enclave can promote feelings of wellness and can act as a remedy to stressful situations.

Clever room dividers can be helpful here to break down rooms into distinct areas. A translucent divider can help keep furniture away from the center of the room, but can also act as an anchor for a bedroom nook.

Tactile texture and colorful patterns

Creating a vibrant room is an art form. Color and patterns can really engage and excite. But textiles with tactile characteristics are very important also. Think about layering textures, in order to stimulate both your touch and your visual senses. Plants and patterned furniture should sit side by side and act as a driver force behind your artistic rigor.

Whatever particular style you go for try to get a balance between different elements. No one thing should dominate the room. Interior decorating is about finding peace and harmony within contrasting elements. This is something that takes time to master but it’s nice to know that there is no wrong answer.

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