The design and construction of safe and secure buildings is the primary objective of any building developer. Nowadays, architects, engineers, project managers and stakeholders are putting a great amount of emphasis on safety and security during the construction process. This has been a challenging issue, due to funding limitations and resistance from occupants – which impacts operations, productivity and accessibility.

Understanding the importance of sustainability, aesthetics and cost-efficiency early in the construction process is an important step for overcoming the challenges commonly faced while building. To create safe, secure structures, developers must have a clear, in-depth understanding of potential hazards.

The following factors must be considered when developing safe and secure buildings:

  • Access control: This refers to the entry and exit system for employees to access important areas, such as data centers or rooms containing important equipment.
  • Fire safety – Fire safety is one of the most important issues for any developer. An initial evaluation is fundamental to ensure that future residents are protected in case of emergency.
  • Internal power supply – Heating and air-conditioning systems, water pumps, and electric power systems must be secured, and regular safety checks must be carried out. Before installation, developers must put processes in place for the operation and maintenance of all systems.
  • Earthquake-proof structure – If buildings are given more load than they can bear, there is high potential for destruction in the case of an earthquake or natural disaster. High-rise buildings and buildings with large interior spaces without supporting columns are particularly at risk. In the past, poor structure has resulted in buildings collapsing, such as the Rana Plaza incident in 2013.

The above factors must be properly assessed before the construction process begins.  

Cityscape in Bangladesh is initiating the global standard for ensuring the highest measures of security and safety in construction. The development company’s buildings use technology that can save 44 percent of energy and 60 percent of water. Moreover, their structural design is earthquake resistant, for earthquakes measuring up to 7.5 on the Richter scale.

To address safety issues, Cityscape uses the following systems:

  • Metal detectors on entering buildings
  • Turnstile access control solutions to grant access to only those who have the appropriate permissions
  • Under-vehicle and number plate monitoring systems
  • Gas extinguishing systems to monitor each room and detect any gas leaks
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Firefighting pumps, multi-sensor heat and smoke detectors, portable fire extinguishers and fireproof electrical wires

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