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Countries in the emerging markets are developing at a rate far higher than in developed nations. Within the space of a decade, some of these countries went from having a bare skyline to being more built up that any European city. We have seen very sudden changes in the landscape of the central business districts in a short period of time. Below is a comparison of the skylines of some cities in Europe versus those in the developing world. You get one point for guessing whether it is a developed or developing country and another point for guessing which city it is.


Clue: One city has a brilliant football club the other rhythms with vanilla.


Clue: Doe a deer a female deer, Ha. Good day mate!


Clue: Capital of Peru and the home of Guinness


Clue: An ancient Aztec city and the city of love


Clue: This one is really hard: a hillside getaway city in Islamabad and a city in the north of Italy.


Clue: ‘Hangon’ will you, it’s a city in Myanmar and a city that was once divided by a very large wall.


  1. Manilla over Madrid, 2. Doha over Sydney, 3. Lima over Dublin, 4. Mexico over Paris, 5. Murree City over Milan, 6. Yangon over Berlin

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