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The intricate bond between human beings and nature is very strong. It urges people to become one with the world and surround the self in its aura. However, the urban life allows for very few opportunities to bask ourselves in nature, and parks are usually our only escape. A lot of people aren’t aware that there are around 40 small and large public parks spread throughout the city. These parks are frequented by people looking for outdoor activities and places to visit in Dhaka. Whether due to history, popularity, reputation or beauty, the public parks mentioned here today are some of the most famous parks to visit in Dhaka.

Ramna Park

Ramna Park is one of the most famous parks in Dhaka
Ramna Park is the largest public park in Dhaka

We begin with one of the most famous parks and, certainly, oldest public parks in Dhaka. The establishment of Ramna Park dates back to the days of the Mughals, around 1610. Back then, the area was accompanied by gardens, mosques, tombs and temples. It was a part of the Royal Garden. Even though Ramna Park lost its neighbouring complexes, it didn’t lose any of its beauty. It is still one of the most beautiful places in Dhaka. Ramna Park sits on top of 68.5 acres of land, hosting more than 70 species of shrubs, trees and flowers. It is a popular place to visit in Dhaka. Hundreds of people visit the park each day in the morning and the evening just to jog. During weekends, it is teeming with people that want to spend a few hours taking in the beauty nature has to offer.

Chandrima Uddan

Chandrima Uddan is a popular hangout place for many
The body of Ziaur Rahman is laid to rest in Chandrima Uddan

Located right next to the National Parliament building, Chandrima Uddan has stood as one of the famous parks to visit in Dhaka for some time now. Thousands of people gather each day at and around the park to spend their afternoons. People from outside the city also visit the park in Dhaka. It was once considered one of the most beautiful places in Dhaka. Sadly, Chandrima Uddan has lost some of its charm in recent times due to neglect from the authorities. The bridge over Crescent Lake leads to the commemorated tomb of Ziaur Rahman, a familiar landmark to every resident of the city. Chandrima Uddan sits on top of 74 acres of land, full of different species of trees and shrubs.

During the weekends, street performers, horse ride providers, hawkers and many other people gather to entertain visitors to the park. It is commonplace here to engage in outdoor activities for friends, couples and families alike.

Bahadur Shah Park

students makes it one of the most popular public parks to visit in Dhaka
Bahadur Shah Park’s deceptive size hides its rich history

Someone who has never heard of Bahadur Shah Park will have trouble believing that it was once considered the centre of European style architecture, and one of the most famous parks in Bangladesh. But don’t let its size fool you. Ever since the British established the park, it has been one of the most famous parks to visit in Dhaka. It was called Victoria Park back then. The Bahadur Shah Park is located in Old Dhaka, surrounded by schools, colleges and even a public University. Furthermore, it is in close proximity to the Sadarghat Boat Terminal. People visit Bahadur Shah Park to jog, hang out, wait for their loved ones or catch the next launch. Whether morning, noon or evening, there’s hardly a time when it’s not packed with people.

Dhanmondi Lake Park

Dhanmondi lake is a common place for outdoor activities
Dhanmondi Lake Park is a hotspot for the young generation

If you ask any young person, and not just those living in Dhanmondi, where to go for fresh air, the answer will probably be Dhanmondi Lake Park. However, that wasn’t always the case. Once, the lake was a dead channel that connected to the Turag River. Today, the lake and its adjacent park is one of the most happening places to visit in Dhaka, with Rabindra Sarobar being the cultural hub. But what makes Dhanmondi Lake Park perfect for outdoor activities is the abundance of benches, pavilions, and grassy patches of land.

The Dhanmondi Lake itself can be easily considered one of the most beautiful places in Dhaka. And that distinction is thoroughly deserved. Furthermore, the authorities have taken great care to prevent tarnish of that reputation. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous parks to visit in Dhaka. There are hardly any people who has never visited the park at least a few times in their life.

Gulshan Lake Park

Secure environment is the reason for being one of the most famous parks in Dhaka
One of the most highly secured and beautiful parks in Dhaka

From one posh area to another, the Gulshan Lake Park is located near the northern end of Gulshan 2. The area is generally considered a diplomatic zone, as many embassies are located nearby. This proximity has allowed Gulshan Lake Park to attain one of the attributes that make it so famous; security. Aside from being one of the most beautiful places in Dhaka, the park has tremendous security. People in Bangladesh often have safety concerns about staying in a park after sundown. Whereas, even if someone decides to visit Gulshan Lake Park near midnight, there would be no cause for alarm. The whole park is fenced and patrolled by security forces to keep joggers and horticulture enthusiasts safe.

People with homes and flats in Gulshan 2 are very fond of all the features and perks the park has to offer. And even if a great deal of people don’t frequent the park, it is very well-known.

Suhrawardy Uddan

The park is one of the most popular parks to visit in Dhaka
Suhrwardy Uddan is teeming with history and beauty alike

A great deal of Bangladesh’s history is etched into Suhrawardy Uddan. Beginning as Ramna Racecourse during British Rule, the grounds of Suhrwardy Uddan have played witness to the historic 7th March speech and the surrender of the Pakistani army. It still holds significant importance for holding political rallies. The Independence Memorial Tower was erected in honour of our fight for independence. Nearby, the flames of Shikha Chironton burns at all times; almost vigilantly. A visitor can also find the Museum of Independence within the vicinity.

In addition to being such a historical place, Suhrawardy Uddan is also one of the most beautiful places in Dhaka. The inner areas of the park are adorned with trees and flowers of amazing beauty. Students of Dhaka University regularly spend their days and afternoons hanging out, singing and doing outdoor activities in the park. Whether paying homage or enjoying its beauty, a vast number of people visit the park every day; and this makes it one of the most popular public parks to visit in Dhaka.

Like an oasis in the desert, these public parks in Dhaka city provide people with a chance to relax and wind down. Whether you are bored, looking for outdoor activities or want to enjoy some greenery and fresh air, the famous parks we mentioned today are wonderful public parks to visit in Dhaka.


  1. There are several parks that did not get mentioned; Gulshan Tank Park, Gulshan Parl (where Wonderland used to be), Gulshan South Park.

  2. Thank you for the feedback and the suggestion. You are right; Gulshan has several other great parks in the area. However, in this article, we limited ourselves to just one park from a certain area. Nonetheless, we certainly will include them in our next article on this related topic. Please continue to follow our blog and share your valuable opinion.

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