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Working life can be tough, and the higher you climb the ladder, the lesser the time it seems is left for all the common chores in life. That adds a lot of stress and is exactly what you do not need in order to build a flourishing career.

However, technology is there and advancing more and more to balance your work & life. We zoom in on new fresh new business ideas, executed in a proper manner all over Bangladesh, waiting to take the country by storm. Bproperty’s list gives you a good idea of Dhaka’s most successful startups.


Hussain Elius started Pathao in 2015 and they are currently operating two different areas of business. They combine affordability, time saving & convenience and for sure will speed up your life.

Everything you need:

The quickest, trouble-free and the most dependable way to deliver e-commerce packages in Dhaka. To ensure the most efficient order fulfillment of couriers they use a highly skilled, suburbanized, fleet of bicycles. The aim is to provide premium service at bottom level prices.

Pathao provides inexpensive modes of transportation. Specifically, there’s no other transport which can beat traffic better than a bike.

Cook ups

Namira Hossain, the (CEO) of cook ups (a facebook-based startup), created the concept out of passion for cooking, together with Maisha Ali, Co-founder.

If you don’t have time to cook, prepare lunch, or are craving something different, Cook-ups will connect you to home made food chefs all over Dhaka. A strict screening & inspection is done before taking on any home chefs, which makes the platform successful and trustworthy. To become a member of this market place, there’s a three-tiered subscription charge for cooks starting from BDT 600 to BDT 2400 monthly depending on the post.

The deliveries are done by Oi khali & their delivery partner. If you want to have delicious food because you cannot work on an empty stomach, then visit the website or download their app!


MOAR is one of Dhaka’s most beautiful communal workspaces. If you have a small company, or you just need to get some work done in a buzzing environment, then Moar is what you are looking for.

Co-founders Nabila & Nahid started the business in 2016, as a solution for start-ups to register their company commercially, and share costs of office rent in a prime location.

“We wanted to start our own business, but the problem was that we had only BDT 15,000 available for office rent, and needed a safe & central place, which is impossible in Dhaka for that amount.”

When Nabila went to Brazil for a research program, she found that people were working in co-working spaces, and realized this could be the perfect solution to their problem! With the money received from their wedding, Nabila & Nahid decided to open their first location, and it has been a success ever since.

Everyone knows you get inspired around motivated people, interesting business ideas and beautiful interior design. To get even more energy flowing, Moar enables a community culture for entrepreneurs and small businesses by organizing workshops and events for all to enter. They even offer 3 complimentary servings of coffee at their fabulous coffee station!

In their new location (Ventura Building road 11, Banani) they have space available for over 40 people. People can work at Moar on a drop-in basis against an hourly rate, or take a membership and get a reduced price per hour.

Their aim is to support small companies that are here today, but might leave tomorrow. “We are happy when people leave. We believe, they have grown so much that they need a bigger space than this”. “We are here to create an inspirational environment for those first couple of steps in business.”

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