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No matter where we live in Dhaka city, we always need a market around our house for shopping. From the raw market to household items, clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, gadgets, etc, we have to go to different markets every month. There are many shopping malls in Dhaka from where you can get your shopping done. And so it is important to know where the main markets are in our living areas and what things are available in those markets. Just like school-colleges, hospitals, if these markets are in the vicinity of homes or in certain areas, then the daily hassle will be greatly reduced. And so today’s blog focuses on about different markets of Mirpur. 

Mirpur Shopping Center Complex

Among the various markets of Mirpur, the huge Mirpur Shopping Center Complex is located next to Mirpur No. 2 Police Station. From gate number 3 of Mirpur Stadium, straight ahead, you will find this big market. On the ground floor of this market are many crockery, toys and shops. In addition to this, you can get bags, shoes, cosmetics and jewelery of different designs under one roof. Not only that, there are also shops of different brands in this market. Especially if you are thinking of buying a watch, you will find a showroom of timezone in this market. There are clothes shops on the 2nd floor of the market. Especially there are shops of local, Indian, Pakistani boutiques here. On the 4th and 5th floor of the market there is a readymade clothes shop, jeans-punjabi which means whatever the men need, they can get on this floor.

You will even find tailoring options in this market. And if you are looking for a gadget, you have to go to the 6th floor, where there are phone shops of different companies, as well as any servicing system. And when you get tired of walking around the market, there is a food court for hanging out and eating, which is located on the 7th floor. Next to the food zone there is an indoor play zone called Babuland for the convenience of children to play and there is a convention hall on the 6th floor, which can seat about 2,000 people. In addition, there is a parking facility for about 200 vehicles. People with different needs can easily buy their necessities from this market which has many arrangements for shopping.

Mirpur Benarashi Palli 

Among the different markets of Mirpur, this time we’ll know about Mirpur Benarsi Palli. It is difficult to find people who do not know about Benaresi Palli or have never heard of its name. When it comes to weddings, the first market that comes to mind when buying sari is Mirpur Benarsi Palli. Because here you will find different types of saree shops, and there are also many collections depending on the design and type. Benarashi, Katan, Jamdani, Half Silk, Kanjivaram, Kota Sari – there are many types of great sari available, the price of which can range from one thousand to one and a half to two lakh. This place is very popular for buying sari at a discount, even for making custom sari by order. The raw material of these sarees, which are carefully made by the local artisans, comes from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and China, which are exported to different countries of the world.

In addition to buying wedding saris, you will also find other accessories such as matching shoes, bags, etc. in this market. These shops are open inside Mirpur Benarsi Palli from Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 8:30 pm. However, Sunday it stays completely closed. So to come to this market to shop, you have to come to Mirpur No.10, from there you can go directly to this popular market by rickshaw or your own transport. 

Shah Ali Market, Mirpur

This market is situated at Mirpur 10 circle. This was established in 2003. This market has all the modern facilities. There are about 400 shops in this air-conditioned market with a generator facility. Among the various markets of Mirpur, this 6-storey market has elevator and escalator facilities. There is a clothing store on the first floor of this market. From where you can buy Stitch, Unstitch and Thane fabrics. You will find tailors, cosmetics shops, jewelry etc. on the second floor of the market. On the other hand, those who are looking for a gadget will have to go directly to the third to fifth floor of the market. That is where you will find the biggest mobile bazaar of Mirpur. 

You can go directly to Shah Ali Market in Mirpur to buy quality things. However, the lack of car parking facility in the market should also be taken into consideration. Like Mirpur Benarsi Palli, this market is closed on Sundays. The other six days of the week are open from 10 am to 8 pm.

Muktijoddha Market, Mirpur

Clothes in Market
Muktijoddha Market, Mirpur

Muktijoddha Market, located at Mirpur No. 1, is a four-storey market. Among the various markets of Mirpur, you will find daily necessities like clothes, toys, crockery, electric items, shoe shops, jewelry shops etc. Those who are looking for lace, yoke or other types of designing materials for designing clothes can buy anything you like from this market without going to New Market in Azimpur. Because there is a good collection of clothing designs in this market.

There are several popular areas in Mirpur for living. In addition to these well-known areas like Mirpur 1, 2, 10, 12, 14, there are several other areas where the demand for buying and renting flats is noticeable. Many areas of Mirpur are quite popular for living. So we have an idea of ​​which areas of Mirpur are very popular for living, but it is important to know what the market system in those areas is, isn’t it? So this time we will know about Mirpur raw market.

Mirpur Raw Market

Market in Mirpur
Raw market of Mirpur

On the way from Mirpur No.10 to Pallabi, before reaching the original No.10, go through the road on the left hand side and enter the road on the right hand side. It is possible to shop here seven days a week from 6 am to 9 pm anytime. There are a number of grocery stores, including fruit and vegetable shops, fish shops and meat shops where rice, spices and other daily necessities are available.

The market also has crockery shops, kitchen hardware stores, fruit shops and much more. You can easily buy any product you need from here. Also if you want to buy fresh vegetables or fish-meat you can go to this market in the morning.

If you live in Mirpur then know in detail about where to find what and then choose Mirpur. It is important to know about what are the things that make an area wonderful to live in. 

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