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Swing, swing you, my dear
While combing your colorful hair

The best memories of our childhood are embraced with blissful moments of our pasts. For example, learning to sing rhymes for the first time while swinging on a swing in our childhood is one of them. A lot of things have changed since our childhood. The apparent change in the style of our furniture is pretty evident, but swings still retain their appeal. This is not just a piece of furniture to sit on and relax, it can also add an extra dimension to a place. That is to say, it has a huge impact when it comes to home decor. Of all the different types of swings in the market for you to choose from, it might feel puzzling to pick the right one and put it in the right place. That being said, here is everything you need to know about swings.

Different types of swings for your home

Wooden swings

wooden swing
The main attraction that draws people towards this type of swing is its fine craftsmanship

Among the different types of swings, the wooden swing would be at the top of the list. Wooden swings are usually square in shape. However, if you want, you can change the shape and customize it to your liking. The main attraction that draws people towards this type of swing is its fine craftsmanship. Different shapes of flowers and leaf motifs are more prominent in the design than others. This demand for the wooden swing is also high in the market.

Bamboo and cane swings

Just like wooden swings, bamboo and cane swings are similarly popular. Other than a bamboo or cane swing, there is nothing that can bring that real classic Bengali look to the house. The advantage of these swings is that they come in different shapes and forms. Be it round, large, medium, or small you will find all sorts of swings in the market. Most of the swings made of bamboo and cane usually come with a frame from which you can suspend your swing.It is also possible to buy a swing without a frame.

Iron swings

Iron swings are affordable and pleasant to look at. Although made entirely of iron, it can be comfortable with the right kind of cushioning. The entire structure is made of thin rods. Some iron swings have a mixture of wood and rod. These kinds of swings are ideal to use on the roof owing to its durable built quality.

Jute swings

Jute swings
Jute swings are made out of jute ropes and come either with a frame to suspend the swing from or without it

Of all the different types of swings, those made of jute are more in-demand than any other type of swing in the market. Jute swings are made out of jute ropes and come either with a frame to suspend the swing from or without it. Also, they come in all kinds of shapes and forms. Some of them are quite portable and you can carry a frameless swing anywhere you want. Jute is also very durable. For those who want to bring a Bengali touch to their interior, jute swings can be an ideal option. Another advantage of a jute swing is that the ropes can be dyed in different colors to make it stand out or blend into the rest of the decor.

Where and how to place a swing

There are different types of swings available in the market. However, when choosing a swing, first pay attention to the theme of the house (if any) or the type of furniture you have in your house. The mattress or cushion of the swing should be matched with the curtain or sofa of the room. If you have wrought iron furniture, make sure to choose a swing made of similar material, or if you have wooden furniture, roll with a cane or light wooden swing.

If the balcony or living space of your house is big enough, place the swing there. Metal or wood crafted swings will suit well on the roof of your house. Swings made out of cane and bamboo can sync well in your bedroom if there is enough space. However, wherever you decide to place or hang the swing, be sure it is installed firmly to reduce the chance of an accident.

A wise man once said, “Aesthetics can take your breath away, but poor functionality can knock the wind out of you”. So take functionality into account when placing a swing inside a space. If your bedroom doesn’t have enough space don’t place a huge outdoor swing just because it looks better.

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