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Your dining space is an intermediary of the house; a space that serves as a hub for family meals. Any outdated decor of your dining space forces you to end up underutilizing this central room. Giving the dining room a fresh and modern up-to-date makeover with wood can give you a wholesome sense of joy. If you are looking for some great ideas regarding your dining room decoration in wood, we have some stunning innovative ideas to reclaim your dining room.

Addition of vibrant colors 

Beautiful dining room decoration
A vibrant and colorful dining table

Wood is an ideal material to give your dining space a rustic mood. With many innovative and eccentric designs, it can add a vintage touch to your furniture. A great way to incorporate wood is if you get a table painted in bright colors and get it covered with glass or transparent tablecloths. You can even buy a simple dining table and paint it yourself to give it a personal touch; which can also be a fun family activity to do together.

Mismatched Wooden Chairs

dining table and chairs
Mismatched wooden chairs and wooden dining table

Another way for you to spice up your dining room is by playing with the chairs. Choose several different designs to give a youthful look to your dining room and combine them with a simple table in white or mahogany wood. This will make it look amazing. It can be a great conversation starter for your guests while they choose one of these comfortable chairs to sit in.

Classic and Old fashioned Styles with Wood

dining table with lampshade
Vintage and fashionable wooden old-style dining room with a vintage lampshade

If classic and old fashion home decor are more your style, a combination of ceiling lamps and mirrors would perfectly match a sober wooden dining table. Find a rustic table you love and surround it with multiple designed complimentary chair pairings. You can line it with colored plush upholstery. Add plush pillows to enhance the added comfort. Keep mixing a wide variety of textures, like matte-painted walls, a polished table with mystical ornate canes, and woven blinds on the window screen to find the right match. These classic style tables consist of handmade carvings and shades that mix the serenity of soft colors with the comforts of a bulky chair. 

Exclusive Experimentation

Dining room lighting
Aesthetic experimentation of wooden dining room decor with mood lighting

If you are a fan of aesthetic innovation, you can maintain a chic and rustic style to make it look really cool. Play with the volume and color, and pair up a dark and thick wooden table with thin chairs. You can further compliment them with nice décor lamps to add some warmth. You can light your dining entirely with clusters of bold light fixtures. Using several architectural buildups like pendant lighting, square-box lighting, uneven hang-on-the-top lighting, etc are some noteworthy and wholesome ideas of dining room decoration lighting.     

Forms and Figures of Tables and Chairs 

Dining table and chairs with bizarre shapes
Dining tables and chairs can be of multiple forms and shapes

The chairs are a fundamental part of your dining room setting. If your table is very simple and you want to give it a different stroke, you can use flower cushions on your chairs to implement an aesthetic realm to the place. Another way to make it pop is by covering them in different textures of fabrics; the perfect gateway to personalize the place in a unique style. Feel free to choose from infinite fabric designs that will complement your style. A concise package of multiple color palettes will help the decor flow seamlessly. You can add a layer of various neutral textures and woven rugs to enhance the beautification.

In alignment with nature

Outdoor dining
Blending the wooden dining table and chairs with natural settings outdoor

If you like the rustic style, go for dark wooden tables. Choose color tones that connect with the contrast of nature. You can play with the ranges of brown, beige, cream, grey, dusty pink and even greens. Combine natural textures and warm tones to create an ambiance that will surely bring out the nature lover in you. This will create an atmosphere that lets you enjoy nature without having to step outside.

Here is a shortened list of the types of wood that we recommend for your dining tables and chairs:

  • Deodar Wood
  • Partal Wood
  • Jackfruit Wood 
  • Ashwood 
  • Poplar 
  • Kail Wood 
  • Mahogany Wood
  • Teak tree/Shegun Wood 


A round wooden table
A round wooden table can save up a lot of space where the dining room is congested

If you are living in a small apartment or home, and your dining space is very congested and full of things stored where anyone can easily feel cramped, a large or long table is not for you. In such instances, we highly recommend you going with a round dining table made of Poplar or Shegun Wood for a dynamic set-up and saving up your space. Using a monochromatic palette may be a good idea for a small dining room. Keep the room clutter-free and minimal in terms of decoration. It will make walking around easier in tight spaces. To add to the beauty of things, a brightly colored floral patterned tablecloth hides inevitable food stains and spills on the table. As a result, you won’t need to change it often or take special care of it.

Touch of elegance

White background with wooden dining set up
A touch of elegance with the white background

To achieve elegance in your dining room decoration in wood, pair a sleek wooden table with delicate wooden chairs that are preferably covered with equally exquisite fabric. Choose soothing colors, place your furniture near windows, and clear walls that are illuminated by natural lighting. Classic white walls are hard to beat since the color sets a predominant tone for any other color. It works as a blank canvas for other colors by reflecting light and integrating textural compositions. This helps the room feel much bigger. To make it more inviting, you can always pick a shade with a hint of gray which will also make it feel cozy and warm. Set up your chairs with unexpected colors like those of sunny yellow or blush pink, to make it exciting as well as illuminating.

These are some of our tips to help you with your dining room decoration. These ideas will make your dining space look amazing. The spectacular vintage look with the woods will integrate into the fashionable and modern decor of your home. If you have any suggestions, please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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