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The entrance door in your home is the first thing that guests see when they come to your home. It is a literal gateway into your personal space. Each door inside our house is an entry point into different worlds, inhabited by different members of our household. It could be a bedroom where people relax and get rest. Or a room where kids run free with their imaginations. The door is an entrance into these different worlds. But imagine having a bland-looking boring door outside the kids room? Would that properly express the joy that is hidden behind the door? This is why it is necessary to decorate the doors of your home to be a small glimpse into the rooms inside. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some door decoration ideas that you can include in your home decor.

Door Materials

When talking about door decoration ideas, the first step is to look at the material that the door is made of. It will determine the cost of the door, and how long it’ll last. Also, you have to keep in mind that the door is what keeps your house secure. 


Wooden door
Wood is extremely durable

The entrance door of your home has to be built with a material that is tough and durable. Wood has to be the obvious choice of material in this case. Teak and Mahogany are two great examples of wood that is suitable for making doors. They are both durable and also look amazing. Keep in mind that wood is very expensive, and also requires great care and maintenance as a result of the humid weather in our country.

Veneer Board

Veneer Board
The veneer board is eco-friendly

This material is very popular for interior doors. Sometimes it is even used for entrance doors. This is mainly because veneer boards are economical. A veneer board can also stand strong against hot and humid weather, giving it great points for durability. The board does not form any cracks and deformities in such conditions. Plus, it is a great material that beautifully retains paint jobs done on it. If you look for the right type of veneer boards, you might even find ones that are both fireproof and waterproof, making it even more durable. Veneer board is also eco-friendly, as it is made out of recycled wood chips. All in all, veneer boards are cost-friendly, eco-friendly, and durable, making it the perfect choice for interior doors.


The smooth surface of plywood makes it easy to clean

Plywood is very similar to veneer board, sharing much of its qualities. It is both cost-effective, eco friendly, and can handle humidity well. Plus it is extremely easy to clean, as it has a smooth surface. But it has rough edges when cut, so can be a pain to handle during installation and use.

Other Materials

Glass door
The glass door is fantastic for offices and recreational spaces

Security doors, garage doors, and warehouse doors mainly use steel and aluminum. Inside the house, sometimes clear doors are used, mainly for aesthetic purposes. Glass is the best material in such cases. Corporate offices also use glass doors. The frame of these doors are sometimes made with steel or aluminum.

The Color Of Doors

Classic or Unorthodox?

Blue door
Eccentric colors can help make a statement

The color of a door is one of the most important factors. So, when talking about door decoration ideas, the first thing that should be considered is the color of the door. Normally doors are almost always a shade of brown, black, white, or grey. But if you’re basing your interior decor on certain themes, you have the freedom to choose eccentric colors for your door. This includes bright yellow, vivid red, deep blue, and so on. It can be a way to express your personality! They can also help make your room look bigger. If you have a door that is the same color as the frame of the door, it can make your room look larger.


Paint Brush
A coat of paint can change the look of your door

The type of paint that you put on your door is also very important, especially in entrance doors. This is because entrance doors are exposed to the elements and its color can fade very easily. Latex exterior paints are best for this as they are waterproof. And for metal doors, rust-proof paint is the best. But when painting doors, you have to keep in mind different health and safety hazards. Many people buy lead paints for their door frames because of their affordable price. But lead can be harmful, especially for pregnant women and children. There are also numerous finishes, including gloss, semi-gloss, and matte. This can have a massive impact on your overall home decor. For the classic Bangaliana look, matte doors should be avoided. But they go great with European rustic decor.

Applying varnish to wooden doors can also give a classy look to the door. This technique is commonly used for interior doors. Many people also apply decorative stickers and stencil designs after coloring. This can help with adding a touch of your personality to your doors. Some people use floral wallpapers, others have welcome stickers on their doors.

Choosing Door Locks

Door lock
Door locks can be decorative

Door locks are a vital part of your overall home security setup. It is literally the first step into entering your home, and a door lock can help protect your belongings and prevent unwanted visitors from entering. Different types of door locks have different functionalities. Keep in mind when choosing locks that many different factors come into play, including your budget, the color and appearance of locks, and the color of your doors. Those who are artsy can color their knobs to add certain accents to their door.

Door Decoration Ideas


Curtains have a huge role in door decoration ideas

Choosing curtains for your home can be a challenge. But they can make a huge impact on your home decor. Curtains are mostly positioned in windows and doors. So they play a vital role when thinking of door decoration ideas. The first thing that you have to look at is the color of your door when choosing curtains for the door. You have to look at the fabric print and pattern. If you’re looking for summer vibes, floral patterns are the best. For a more modern look, geometric patterns are the way to go. And plain colored curtains can pair well with minimalist decor. 


Add a splash of nature

Adorning doors with a pot containing flowers or plants are a great idea, especially for entrance doors. For those who get a lot of natural light in their homes, potted plants can be hung or clipped on to the door. Pothos plants are best for this. Or you can also lay a few plants near the door of your bedroom to add a relaxing aura. Medium-sized plants such as snake plant, aloe vera, cactus, and other succulents are perfect for such purposes.

Flowers can add a touch of natural beauty to your home. You could clip or hang flower pots to your door on old aluminum pots. This will add a rustic look to your home. You can also buy decorative dried flowers to hang in front of your door. By adding flowers to your door, you can add a splash of color to your home. So when you’re contemplating door decoration ideas, be sure to have decorative plants and flowers in mind!


The doormat can be a way to add a nice welcoming message when guests enter your home

The doormat is what any guest in your home is welcomed by, which is why many of them have warm, welcoming messages stitched on them. They might not seem too significant but can have a big impact on your door decoration. They can be of many different materials, including coir, palm fibers, rubber, nylon, and cloth. For those who like funky colors, a bright and vivid colored doormat could be perfect.


String Light
Lighting can help with highlighting doors

The best way to highlight your door is to use lighting. The most common way to do this is to use led light strips, fairy lights, or neon stickers. This is especially great for kid’s rooms. Lighting is one of the door decoration ideas that can be easily implemented.


Welcome Nameplate
Nameplates can also contain welcoming messages for guests

The best way to personalize your door is by using a nameplate or name tag. This is mostly done in entrance doors, but can also be used in front of rooms to signify whose room it is. There are many ways to put on a nametag. This includes etching the name on metal plates or engraved marble. Wooden plates and wooden blocks are also commonly used. In foreign countries, moss lettering can also be seen. This is when grass or moss is used to spell the letters on top of a wooden plate. Many people also opt for pictures instead of a nameplate.

Garland & Wreath

Wreath on door
A wreath made of leaves

A garland is a decorative piece that hangs on the door, from one edge to the other. The most common forms of garlands include dried petal garlands, or prayer flags commonly seen in Himalayan countries. In our country, bamboo leaf and jute garlands can be found.

A wreath is a donut-shaped decorative piece adorned with flowers. This is hung on front doors. You can also hang masks, mirrors, or artwork on doors. Many people also put in messages welcoming guests in place of their names.

Remember, the first thing that anyone entering your home will see is your front door. It’s the same inside your home when people are entering your room. This is why it is important to have a well-decorated door and add a touch of personalization to it. Did you like the door decoration ideas mentioned in today’s article? Comment below to share your thoughts and opinion on today’s article.

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