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Looking to cancel your lease agreement but don’t know where to start?

To help point you in the right direction, we’ve prepared a sample agreement for canceling a lease. Download a copy below.

If your lease has expired

The common practice is to let your landlord know in writing that you will not be renewing your lease agreement.

In this letter, you would need to include the address to which your deposit may be returned, as well as details about what date you will be vacating the property. Make sure you give the landlord enough notice about your intention to leave.

You may also want to make certain requests, such as being present for the home inspection before you move out.

If you want to break your lease early

Often tenants may decide to leave the rented property before the lease expires.

In most cases, you will be expected to compensate the landlord for any losses incurred when you vacate the property early. This means that you may be expected to pay the rent for the full duration, or until the landlord finds a new tenant.

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