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If you have not changed your living room décor for a while and want a fresh new look without having to spend a lot of money, follow these simple tips to improve the most crucial room in your home.

Mix up your accessories

Accessories can easily be replaced whenever you think it’s time for a change or an improvement. Change pillow covers, carpets, or curtains to achieve different color patterns. Go for themes ranging from loud, bohemian style to subtle, European elegance.

Add an accent wall

Have a wall painted in a different color to all the others. The highlighted wall can have a specific purpose. It can for example be the wall where all family photos, achievements or a nice painting can hang. You can also install built-in shelves for books or picture frames.

Change your focus

Do not only concentrate on the center of the living room. It’s easy to neglect the corners. Improve them with a small sitting arrangement, such as an armchair coupled with a matching table and an ottoman. You could also try something more unique by placing a guitar or violin in the corner and perhaps accentuate it with a spotlight or a small table lamp.

Fix the lighting

Improve your interior lighting. Guests in your living room should find themselves in a well-lit atmosphere with chandeliers, side lamps, wall sconces and mood lighting. This array of ornaments uplifts the interior of your living room, offering your guests a warm and luxurious environment.

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