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We are all more or less familiar with the words eco-friendly or eco-friendly living. It can be said that Bangladesh is now environmentally friendly. And this eco-friendly issue is now strongly seen in the real estate sector as well. Moreover, eco-friendly living is the demand of the time. At the same time, it is very important to make your place of residence environment friendly. Eco-friendly living is only possible when you can make your living space completely eco-friendly. With small habits and some important work, we can make our life and living environment eco-friendly if we want to. It all starts with our own home so let’s find out how to make our home eco-friendly. Today’s blog has several eco-friendly tips. Keep reading to know more.

Let us use cloth or paper bags instead of plastic bags

প্লাস্টিক ব্যাগ
Carry reusable bags for shopping

The first condition for an eco-friendly lifestyle is that you should stay away from all types of plastic use. So we need to reduce the use of plastic bags at home or at any time outside the house. Carry a cloth or paper bag for shopping or other household chores. So that even if you go out, you don’t have to take a plastic bag. Also, when going to the market or store, always avoid plastic bags and encourage others to do the same. This is how awareness should be spread in shops or markets. It is important to keep extra paper or cloth bags in the bag when leaving the house.

Using energy-saving lights instead of ordinary bulbs to save energy

If you use energy-saving lights instead of ordinary bulbs in every room of the house, you will make your house eco-friendly in a big way. Energy-saving lights are also cheaper than ordinary bulbs and they last longer. The lighting is quite tolerable and also saves a lot of electricity. So there is no substitute for choosing energy-saving lights for your home.

Keeping green trees at home as a source of oxygen

Keep green trees at different corners of house.

Trees are a wonderful blessing for us. Oxygen, shade, and coolness are all things we get from trees. But it is not possible to plant big trees inside the house, so we can take small trees as our companions. If you want, you can also keep indoor plants inside your house. The plants inside the house will keep you feeling alive as well as bring a natural feeling. At the end of the day, when you come back from outside these trees will liven you up. So place the tree of your choice in different corners of the house. This is one of the eco-friendly tips.

Do not charge the devices unnecessarily after use

It is often seen that we keep devices charging even after they are fully charged. It damages the device as well as our environment and home. So as soon as the charging of any device is completed, it should be taken down from the charging station. Also, devices or appliances that work for a certain period of time must be switched off and their plug be taken out after use. Special attention should be paid in this regard.

You can make your home eco-friendly with little effort

Washing the clothes in cold water

It is often seen that we choose hot water for washing clothes. This causes a lot of damage to the fabric and is less durable. Also, when it comes to sustainability, we should not use hot water for washing clothes. Clothes should always be washed with cold water.

Drinking boiled water instead of using a water purifier

The eco-friendly tips are quite simple and we make these mistakes all the time in our daily lives. Many people use water purifiers to save time or to avoid the hassle of boiling water. To build an eco-friendly home you need to get rid of this habit now. Instead of purifying the drinking water, boil it.

With these eco-friendly tips, you can make your home eco-friendly if you want. If you liked these tips, please let us know in the comments.

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