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As the month of Ramadan leaves us, Eid-ul-Fitr greets us at the door. Eid is associated with glitzy fervor, striking decorations and reuniting with our loved ones. We spend so much on ourselves when shopping but how about giving our homes a makeover? In this season of festivity, renew the look of your home with the list of Eid decoration ideas below.


Double curtains
Glam it up with new curtains!

Pair up your living room with glamorous curtains this Eid! Nothing says festive more than bold, intricate patterns. However, it is important that you stay within a color scheme that matches with the rest of your interior. Think Golden, shades of Beige or even glossy Red. Along with upholsteries, replace your boring bed sheets with shiny, Gold embroidered bed sheets.


A bunch of lanterns
If not lanterns, go for uniquely designed light fixtures

A few simple changes can transform the look and feel of your home. This Eid, show your home some extra care by getting new lights in different corners. For your living room, which is likely to be high in terms of functionality on this occasion, think about getting overhead sconces. In this way, you can highlight certain areas of your home. Embellish your home with any kind of lights, lamps or ornamental tea lights this Eid. If you don’t want to go over the top, add soft, shiny colored candle holders in awkward corners that’ll brighten up your room.


A flower wreath
Flower wreaths are a must-have in our list of Eid decorations for home!

Like we said, small changes. To symbolize the divinity of Eid, pair up your front door with Eid Mubarak wreaths. Wreaths come in all shapes and sizes and hanging one on your door will instantly induce a vibe of festivity that is in tune with the Holy month. 


A living room
One of the best Eid decoration ideas is to add a whole lot of colors in your living room

Renewing your flooring material will instantly brighten up your room. This Eid, go for a carpet or rug with traditional designs that will bring out the charm of your home. Speaking of rugs, another small change that you can incorporate in your home is throw-pillows. Don’t be afraid to mix florals with geometrics or small and large patterns! Pile them onto each other if you’re thinking of bigger throw-pillows. Adding them to your decor will create a homely vibe that will perfectly go with the aura of festivity.

You can easily find these rugs in shops like Aarong, Arannya, Jatra, and Bibiyana. To buy Eid decorations for home for an even cheaper price, you can visit New Market or Town Hall In Mohammadpur.


A wooden frame
Oneo of the best Eid decoration ideas is to replace your old artworks with new ones

As far as artwork goes, there are countless options! If you’re clueless, look up Islamic artworks for much needed inspiration. Islamic art is richly influenced by a variety of cultures such as Egyptian, Persian and even Indian. To change up the look of your interior, think wooden artworks. The details inside the frame will go perfectly with the Eidy environment that you’re looking to create.

A food corner

Sugary treats on a table
The beauty is in the details

After all, Eid is all about having the finer things. One of the few easy Eid decorations for home is to set up a table with a wide range of sweets and sugary treats! This will seem appealing to everyone, especially children. On top of that, decorate the table with fancy tablecloths and cutlery holders and you’re halfway there to making it the focal point of your dining room.

Flowers and Plants

Flowers in a vase
Not only is it among the best Eid decorations for home, plants have many health benefits

Get a change of plants in your home this festive season! Plants and flowers can instantly beautify your home, not to mention the benefits they bring along. If you think live plants are too high-maintenance, opt for plastic flowers and set it up on a corner in a vase. The more, the merrier! This is an easy way of decorating your home without having to add glitz and sheen in your living space.

What did you think of our list of Eid decoration ideas? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below!

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