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Stuck for gift ideas this Eid? We’re here to give you some ideas.

Now that so many holidays are highly commercialized, it can be difficult to find gifts that are both thoughtful and creative. Here at Bproperty, we thought we’d give you some ideas so that you can brighten someone’s Eid even more with a beautiful gift, rewarding them for their sacrifice during Ramadan.


Time is the greatest gift of all. Think about booking a trip to a theme park or a zoo and give the tickets to your family or friends, telling them that you will accompany them and spend quality time together.

Religious Gifts

From sets of beautiful Islamic prayer beads to meaningful modern prints with an inspiring quote from the Quran, gifts with a spiritual significance are always popular. Books are also a wonderful idea. Ramadan is not long before the annual Hajj pilgrimage, so if you know that your loved one is going to make the journey, consider purchasing them a guide.

Comfort and Luxury

Consider buying your loved one something that they would consider a luxury, something that they wouldn’t purchase for themselves. White beaded Moroccan leather slippers, an antique hijab pin, or a set of luxury scented candles are some great ideas.

For gentlemen, consider purchasing some luxury grooming products that they might not usually purchase like fragrant beard oil or soothing aftershave, if the gentleman in question does not have a beard.


Every welcoming home should contain at least a little bit of art. Displaying beloved artworks gives your property a certain character. If you want to give a truly long-lasting and special gift, a painting can become an heirloom for the next generation. Find out the recipient’s taste before making a purchase.

Children’s Gifts

Little gifts can be more fun for children to open than big presents. Decorate a special Eid gift back yourself and add plenty of sparkles. Wrap small toys, dressing up clothes, sweets and puzzle games up, and put all the wrapped gifts into a handmade gift bag for each child – they’ll have so much fun unwrapping them!

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