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Eid. The festival of colors. The festival of happiness. Also, the festival of endless shopping!

Every Eid gives us the excuse to extravagantly dress ourselves in the most colorful attires. The idea of donning the latest outfits, wearing new sparkly jewelry, buying the most fashionable accessories and trendiest shoes is almost synonymous to Eid. We get busy before Eid, looking out for the perfect outfit to wear on that day by choosing it from the stunning collections all those shops have to offer. As Eid approaches, malls and roads get busier with the hustle and bustle of people as they rush to finish their Eid shopping. Here are some tips to help you in case you haven’t had the time to do your Eid shopping yet.

Preparing to Go out

Before heading out, make sure you pack your bag with the essentials – a water bottle, some snacks, your mobile phone, and some emergency cash. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes to avoid an unpleasant shopping experience. Carry an umbrella if you’re shopping outdoors in the daytime under the scorching sun. Also, make sure you have a list of things to buy beforehand to help you sort out your priorities and avoid spending on items that come at the expense of something you need instead.

Select off-peak hours

Thousands of shoppers get busy for their last-minute shopping before Eid. A good idea is to do your shopping early on in Ramadan; in the early mornings or late nights to avoid the congestion. You can also start quickly right after Iftar to avoid traffic on the roads.


It’s universally known that stores will be insanely crowded before Eid. The problem of trial room backlog also exists, making the shopping experience more time-consuming and annoying. Hence, before you go shopping, a very good idea is to take your measurements so you know whether the outfit you desire to buy is in size or not.
For places like New Market, Dhaka College market or Bongo Bazar, don’t go now unless you really have to. Although the items there are less expensive compared to shopping malls, the crowd is huge. A lot of the shopkeepers there ask for higher “Eid market” prices and you can’t even properly check the items for defects or trials. Buying the exact same items would be hassle-free right after Eid.
If you’re dealing with tailors, make sure you go to them early and don’t wait till the last moment. This will give you time to fix things in case the ultimate nightmare happens and your tailor ruins your beautiful silk satin kameez in the rush of this peak season!

Avail Eid Discounts

During Eid, super shops such as Agora, Meena Bazar, Shwapno, etc. provide irresistible offers that add up to household savings. Do your research, check local newspapers, social media and smartphone apps and enjoy a wide range of discounts on various items from various stores.

Shop Online

With the increase in the number of active Facebook users, many Facebook pages have opened up. A huge collection of wearables are displayed in pictures, videos and “Facebook Live” sessions. If you are unsure of the quality of items or reliability of these pages, know that some of these pages have outlets you can visit to take a look at the items. Additionally, you can choose “cash on delivery” as a payment method, where you pay after they deliver the items to your home to avoid risks. Online shopping not only saves you from the hassle, but also provides good-quality, trendy apparels at reasonable prices.

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