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Starting a journey with someone is always an adventure. And one of life’s biggest adventures takes place when two people get married, move in, and start their lives together. Like all journeys, the journey of marriage needs items to help them along the way; which comes in the form of furniture. The furniture in a newlywed’s home helps them start on the right foot by making the beginning smoother and more intimate. Since we are on the verge of the ‘Wedding Season’ in Bangladesh, let’s take a look at some essential furniture in a newlywed’s home.

A Large Wardrobe for Two People

wardrobe full of clothes
If needed, get an extra wardrobe for you both

Even at the risk of sounding stereotypical, I would like to stay that this particular piece of furniture will probably be for the wife than it is for the husband. In fairness, there are plenty of people, regardless of gender, who are passionate about their clothes and have a wardrobe full of it. So there’s a good chance that your once sufficient wardrobe won’t be able to accommodate both of your clothes. Since two people equal to a lot of clothes, you are definitely going to need a larger wardrobe no matter how big your current wardrobe is. The larger wardrobe would also help in making the person moving in feel more comfortable knowing that theirs is a personal space for him or her.

A Sofa to Snuggle in

cofee and book on a table with couch on back
Couches can be quite relaxing for couples

One of the most essential furniture in a newlywed’s home (even though some disagree) is a soft, cushy sofa! Take a moment to look at the sofa you currently have in your home. Does it look comfy? Comfy enough to snuggle with your newly married partner? If your sofa is anything like the ones found in most homes in Bangladesh, with its formal wooden frame and stiff cushions; you should definitely consider replacing it with something more comfortable. In this age of ‘Netflix and chill’, you need a couch where you can cuddle with your partner and watch the TV. This will not just make sitting for hours more comfortable, but help you both get closer.

A High-Quality Mattress to Sleep On

white mattress
You can never go wrong by investing in a good mattress

The people who would dispute the claim that a soft sofa is the most essential furniture in a newlywed’s home would probably vote for a high-quality mattress instead. In truth! They won’t be wrong either. That’s because a good mattress and a bed are crucial furniture in any home; not just for newlyweds. A good night’s sleep helps us re-energize and reinvigorate so that we can take on a new day; not to mention that sound sleep keeps us in a better mood!

The reason some people say ‘Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my morning coffee’ is that they had a terrible sleep and need a stimulant to re-energize themselves. However, if they had a good mattress; that need might not have arisen at all. And in a marriage, especially during the early days, a good mood can be more necessary than oxygen! After all, never begin your journey by irritating your travel partner.

A Dining Table for Romantic Dinners

fancy dining table
Make your dining room feel like a restaurant with the right settings

There are few things in a relationship that are as effective at wooing your loved one as is an intimate dinner session. Sometimes, that dinner needs to take place in a rooftop restaurant where you two can enjoy a meal on the side of a wonderful view. But sometimes, you need to make a home meal feel just as important and intimate. For that, you need a dining table! Get a few dimmed lights, set the mood, place beautiful tableware, and voila! Instant romantic setting! This small furniture can help you make the most mundane of meals a moment to remember (just remember to add other mood setters).

A Sophisticated Home Security System

5 Best Home Secuirty Gadgets That Make Life Easier - Bproperty
Even if security systems might not be considered as ‘furniture’, it is important nonetheless

If a section for home security system seems confusing in an article about the essential furniture in a newlywed’s home, then there’s nothing to worry about. Mentioning home security in such a topic is odd, but the reason for having it here is not. You can never be too careful about the safety of your home and your loved ones. That is why investing in a sophisticated home security system (maybe even smart security) is a very good idea. There are plenty of options in the market to choose from. And even if home security might not seem that much of a headache now, you’ll look back one day and be glad to have had it.

A Beautifully Carved Nameplate Outside the Door

Mr. and Mrs. Words
Get a name plate outside your main entrance door

The piece de resistance in decorating your new home as husband and wife is to get a beautifully etched nameplate and hang it outside your main entrance. Announce to the world (and your neighbors) of your arrival as a couple, ready to take on the world. This is a small touch to this new home of yours, but something that your partner would appreciate and adore.

There you go! A quaint, yet functional, list of essential furniture in a newlywed’s home. The love and affection between a married couple help turn a house into a home, and the furniture mentioned above will be there to help make that transformation magical and wonderful!

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