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Living walls, otherwise known as vertical gardens or green walls, are the next big trend we’ll be seeing everywhere (and for good reason!). A Green wall is a garden that grow upwards with a means of support such as a trellis rather than on the ground. Vertical gardens are rapidly popularizing because of its various benefits. So, whether you want to learn more or create a DIY living wall, below is a list of tips on how to make a vertical garden.

Hanging Pots

Hanging pots take up very little space
Hanging pots take up very little space

One great thing about choosing your own vertical garden design is that they can be in any size. It can be as small as a bottle and as large as an entire wall. However, it’s better to start with something that’s easy to take care of. Start off by hanging pots. For this, you will only need some pretty pots or buckets, hanging hooks and a piece of wood or an old cabinet drawer for hanging it onto the wall. You can improvise and use elements that are more accessible to you.

Another way of creating a vertical garden is to use pipes or wooden shelves. Repeat the aforementioned process but this time, hang the pipes with a hook attached to a pipe. You can look it up on the internet for crazy DIY ideas! However, make sure the plant containers are light since filling it up with soil will make it heavier anyway.

Pro tip: get colorful containers. This is the easiest way of adding some color to your interior. Get the best indoor plants for your apartment and start today!

Wire Netting

Create your own green wall today!
Create your own green wall today!

For wire netting planters, you can use shoe organizers to grow individual plants and herbs. The shoe organizer compartments are the ideal size to grow plants inside. If you really want a netting space, opt for a steel wire net. You can then use a metal hook to attach your preferred choice of pot with it.

Framed up garden

Choose a vertical garden design and get started!
Choose a vertical garden design and get started!

This is one trendy vertical garden design. All you need is a big picture frame, spacious enough to contain several plants. Try to get a wooden frame to incorporate a bibliophilic vibe in your interior. The wow factor about this kind of vertical garden is the proximity of the plants. Since they are so close together, the end result is a whole lot of different shades of green. 


Many countries are now building vertical garden bridges
Many countries are now building vertical garden bridges

To retain your plants for a long period of time, place them in any well lit part of your home. One of the benefits of having green walls in your home is that they act as a natural insulation, keeping the air inside your home warmer in Winter and colder in Summer. If the inside of your home is cooler, it will result in a lower electricity bill! The difference may not appear too great at first,but the benefits are significant in the long-run. Plants can improve the quality of air in a space, control greenhouse gas emissions and moreover, gardens themselves have an overall calming effect. Gardening is said to be a therapeutic hobby. So, when you have a green wall in your home, taking care of it on a regular basis can lower your stress levels.

Everyone is starting to be more environmentally friendly and many countries are taking drastic steps like building gardens under flyovers and incorporating moss walls within bridges.

A green wall can be great decorative item, too, especially if you live in a small space. You can load up a side of your wall with plants without sacrificing any floor space. Besides, is there anything nicer than lush greenery anyway? With a little effort, you can live in a place with a lot of indoor beauty by building your own vertical gardens.


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