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Over the past decade, the face of real estate across Dhaka city has evolved drastically for the better. The once and former Dhaka is barely unrecognizable for those who have not set foot in our concrete soil in a long time. The architecture has changed. The ambience is different and the residences are getting a refined facelift.

But how would you define this new residential modernization? Well, when a residence becomes more than just a housing option, that is evolution, and Dhaka is shaping the meaning of residential locations.

 The Beauty of Architecture

There was once a time in Dhaka city, where apartment buildings were almost indistinguishable from one another. Monotonous in look and layout, back then apartment buildings in Dhaka city could rarely be called as eye-catching.

Today however, that is not the case. Whichever residential area you take a stroll through, be it Dhanmondi, Gulshan or Banani, you will notice that every new apartment building is a sight to behold. Beautifully infused designs in the structure of buildings are lighting up homes across residences. Each building seems to be better built than the next. The evolution of shape and sight of apartment buildings in Dhaka has been a welcome change, which goes to show the creative aesthetics creators are instilling into architecture.

A Buffet of Restaurant Options to Choose From

Here is where residential locations in Dhaka have evolved significantly. Nowadays, there isn’t any corner you can turn without finding a foodie’s favorite dine. Restaurant and café businesses have mushroomed across Dhaka over a very short span of time and are constantly growing. Khilgaon, Baily Road, Dhanmondi and Mohammadpur have become hotspots for all members of society who are looking to dine out for food.

The beneficial outcome of this restaurant sprout is convenience. Local dwellers would not have to travel far to other residential locations for dining out. Moreover, most of these restaurateurs are catering to the mass number of students with discounts and affordable meals who are attending educational institutions in respective residences.

Education for All

Residential locations around Dhaka city house a good number of educational institutions, ranging from high schools to even medium or small sized universities. Though it is quite uncommon for residential locations to have institutions inside them, the case for Bangladesh is different. Given the population Dhaka city houses, with students coming in from all over to avail affordable education, institutions are plentiful in many residences.

Cultural Recreation

Bangladesh is a culturally diverse country. Different people from various religious backgrounds have been gathering for cultural functions over the years. This gathering has given birth to the awareness of the importance of embracing our rich cultures through cultural programs.
Over the years, Dhaka has seen a rise in the trend of cultural programs being hosted by galleries and cultural centers. Bengal Boi, Shilpokola Academy and Jatra Birtoti are among the top locations around various residences to host weekly programs to cater to recreation seekers.

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