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Gardening can be a rewarding pursuit for anyone. It livens up your space, gets you outside, activates your muscles and refreshes your mood. But for most beginners, gardening can seem like a lot of work. Listed below are some tricks that will make gardening more effective and fun.

Know your Region

One basic gardening rule is ‘Not everything grows everywhere’. You have to know where you live and the soil condition. If you are residing in the Northern parts of Bangladesh, you can benefit a lot from lychee and mango trees. For Dhaka dwellers, it’s better to go for plants that can sustain heat and pollution. For example tomatoes, sunflower, daisies, etc. are pretty easy to maintain.

Know your Plants

If only plants came with manuals, this part would have been easy. There are some plants that grow in shade, some that grow in sunlight. Then there are those that need both sunlight and shade. So, you should know what type of plant you have in order to be able to take care of them.

Create a Portfolio

For garden enthusiasts, this can be a very good idea. You can have a notebook full of garden inspirations. You can also have facts about each plants written on your notebook. This will help you remember how to take care of each plant and make monitoring them easy.

Make a no-stick Shovel

While working on your garden, your shovel can get very messy. This can be solved by spraying a coat of silicone or Teflon lubricant. This will help soil slip off your shovel easily without making a mess.

Portable Pots

If you have many pot plants and prefer container gardening, then you can make your plants portable by attaching wheels under the containers. This will let you move your plants to whichever location you think is suitable.

Baking Soda for Sweeter Tomatoes

If you are growing tomatoes, try mixing some baking soda into the soil. Be careful to add baking soda only to the soil and not the plant. The base in the baking soda will counteract with the acid in the tomatoes and make your tomatoes much sweeter than usual.

Seedling inside a Lemon Peel

An effective way to plant a seedling is within a lemon peel. All you need to do is, cut a lemon in half, scrub out the inside, stuff it with soil and plant the seed inside. Once the seedling peaks out of the soil, you can throw away the lemon peel and transfer the plant to a larger pot. Don’t plant along with the lemon peel, it will make the soil too acidic.

Mosquito Repel-er

If your garden is full of mosquitoes and other insects, there are certain plants you can choose to keep them away. Lemongrass, tomatoes, marigold, peppermint, and garlic are some plants that will keep your garden insect free.

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