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Using plain and solid colors in your home decor can make it a bit monotonous. This is why we are always looking for new color textures and designs. And for this, fabric print and patterns are perfect. They work like magic when you incorporate them into your home decor. But choosing the right colors and patterns can be a bit challenging. And to understand what sort of colors should be matched, you should have a proper idea of color schemes. To best implement such patterns into your home decor, you should first take a look at the different types of fabric patterns and prints that you can use in your home.

Fabric Patterns And Prints In Home Decor

Living Room
Fabric patterns can change the whole look of your decor

If you use curtains that are the same color as the paint on the walls, it will never pop. In such cases, it is best to use different types of fabric patterns and prints. They can help curtains or furniture covers be more eye-catching. It can brighten up your mundane looking room, and make it look a lot more interesting. By using fabric patterns, you can spruce up your home decor without spending too much. You can attach new sofa covers, or add a rug or carpet. And that will have you set. If you don’t want to use patterns for your sofa and other furniture, why not change up the curtains? Just choose the type of fabric that you like from the different types of fabric patterns when buying curtains. The perfect curtain can change up the whole look of your home decor.

Types Of Fabric Patterns And Prints

Fabric Patterns
There are 30 different types of patterns

We are familiar with most patterns that exist. But there are other types of fabric patterns that we might be a bit unfamiliar with. Today, we will be discussing some of the more recognized and popular patterns and prints that are out in the market. Let’s begin!


Chevron Pattern
The iconic zigzag of the Chevron Pattern

The chevron is a fun zigzag pattern that catches the eye of anyone looking at it. Different colored stripes can be utilized to create a contrasting pattern. A great example of this is black and white stripes. Opposing colors create great contrast. The geometric lines of this pattern create a beautiful contrast that will surprise you. You can use chevrons on your sofa covers, rugs, or outdoor seating. Having a nice contrast will also make it look less dirty.


Checkered Pattern
The familiar squares of the Plaid pattern

The plaid is one of the most popular types of fabric patterns, with both horizontal and vertical stripes. It is mostly found on dark and deep colored fabric and is commonly seen on men’s shirts. You will also see it a lot on curtains and sofas. Using plaid fabrics can add a rustic look to your home decor. The plaid is a type of checkered pattern, and there are others similar to it. Checkered patterns generally feature two different colors of stripes intersecting together. Such patterns can also be seen in our local clothing.

Polka Dot

Polka Dot
The lively Polka Dot Pattern

The polka dot pattern is another pattern that is used a lot in home decor. It consists of dots spread evenly across the fabric and it helps things pop out. The polka dot pattern is perfect for your child’s room, as it is a very fun and lively pattern.

Animal Print

Laptop on Animal Print bedsheet
The sophisticated Animal Print pattern

The animal print is a pattern made to imitate the skin of certain animals, such as the tiger, lion, zebra, etc. These are mostly found in bright, vibrant colors. It is mostly seen in clothing but can be incorporated into home decor as well. Using animal prints on your sofas or carpets can add a touch of sophistication to your home.


Floral Print Fabric
Vibrant Floral Print

Of the different types of fabric patterns, floral is the most popular. It can be seen everywhere, from shirts and dresses to your home decor. These come in many styles, including vintage and modern designs. The print contains images of colorful flowers and adds an exotic look to your home. It can brighten up your home with its vibrant colors and eye-catching design. And who doesn’t love a touch of nature in their home? You can use the pattern in everything – bed sheets, curtains, sofa covers. Be it on your shirt or on your sofa, the floral pattern looks amazing!

All in all, these are some of the most popular types of fabric patterns. Making good use of these different patterns can help improve your home decor. For more content like this, follow our Bproperty blog. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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