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Our cities are filled with potential tenants looking for a place to call ‘Home’. While finding a home sounds very simple, the reality of it is quite the opposite. With very few options to choose from, tenants are often left at the mercy of landlords. This highly informal sector often causes havoc for tenants. We bring you some basic factors that you should consider while renting an apartment in Bangladesh.

Rent Expense

The foremost important thing to consider is the rent expense. It should be within your budget and at a harmony with other apartments in the neighborhood. To know the market price of your apartment, you can look into the prices of other neighboring apartments of approximately the same size. You can visit online marketplaces to make comparisons easier for you. This will give you a better understanding and help you negotiate your rent with the landlord.


Before finalizing your decision to move, you should take a walk around the neighborhood and see what it’s like. Check if there are enough shops and supermarkets at a close distance, the availability of rickshaws or other transports, the placement of security guards, etc. While choosing neighborhoods, you should also consider if the location has easy transportation to workplaces or schools of all family members.

Apartment Quality

Quality of the place you are living in is undoubtedly important. You should visit the apartment in person and check if everything is up to mark. Minor issues like scratches on wall, broken windows can be fixed. But keep an eye out for issues such as bug problems, leaky faucets, water damage, lead paint, dirty air filters, mold, broken heat and air conditioning systems, rust, sanitation and electrical problems and so on.

The Landlord

Speaking of landlords, they can be a tough bunch to get along with. If you happen to have a landlord with bad ethics and a lack of boundaries, it may ruin your rental experience. To know your landlord better, ask around in the neighborhood, preferably people from the same building. Their opinion will help you determine what you are getting into.


According to the Premises Rent Control Act 1991, the agreement between the tenant and the landlord has to be a written contract. The tenancy contract needs to be signed by both parties. The tenant is entitled to have a copy of that agreement.

Moreover, every time you pay your rent, ask for a receipt from your landlord. These receipt should be kept by both parties as a proof of regular rent payment.

Utility Cost

In most cases, in addition to your monthly rent you will have to pay other utility expenses. Gas, water, electricity bills and service charges are some of the utility costs that tenants have to bear. Clear these out with your landlord and have a written agreement on the specific bills you have to pay each month.

Pet Policy

If you are a pet owner or plan to adopt one, you should check out places that allow pets in the apartment. Ask your landlord if they allow pets, what type of pets, if they charge an additional amount for pets and other limitations imposed on pet owners.

Additional Amenities

Find out what facilities you are entitled to as a tenant. For example, access to generator, lift, gym, rooftop, community hall, and fire safety equipment are some of the aspects you should look into.

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