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Imagine you are lost in the world of delectable sweetness; filling your mouth with the goodness of sweets or having a chit chat early in the morning sitting beside your friend with a cup of strong milk-less tea near the railway station. The feelings are sumptuous and they make your day worthy. The food restaurants in Narayanganj gives you such a feeling of ecstasy. Let us explore some of the most vintage and scrumptious food joints in the city of Narayanganj.     

New Bose Cabin

New Bose Cabin- food restaurants in Narayanganj
People eating at New Bose Cabin

Established in 1921, the New Bose Cabin is one of the most prominent food joints situated in Folpotti, between no.1 and no.2 Railway gate. The founder, Late Nripen Chandra Bose aka as Bhulu Babu opened it as a small tea stall where he also served light snacks only. The initial menus were the famous butter biscuit and heavy milk-less tea. Over the years, it grew up to be one of the busiest restaurants of Narayangonj, to date for the unique tastes of food they offer. The nearly 100 years old restaurant ensures the best quality of food for the foodies coming here from 7 AM till 9.30 PM.

The breakfast includes special Egg Omelet with Parata and various egg items. In the afternoon, during lunchtime, they don’t serve white rice which unique among the hotels and restaurants in Bangladesh. Rather, they offer special Pulao, mouth-watering chicken or mutton curry, special cutlet, chop, roast, etc. The most popular item in the restaurant is the cutlet. People from all around the country come here to taste it. Many famous personalities used to come here to enjoy the cutlet as well as the milk-less tea and several significant historical events can be traced back to the New Bose Cabin. The unification of notable personalities in the past made this restaurant a well-renowned and culturally integrated place. The world-renowned political leaders like Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy and Moulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani are amongst them who used to visit have tea here.    

Jagathbandhu Mistanna Bhandar

Jagatbandhu Mistanna Bhandar
Special Malaikari at Jagatbandhu

The Bangali people have a special connection with sweet items. Jagathbandhu Mistanna Bhandar is one of the most famous sweet shops in Narayanganj Among the hundreds of sweet items they prepare, their Rosogolla, Khirchop, Haribhanga are the ones with the highest demand. Malaikari is also a famous one. People who come to visit Narayanganj, always come with a pocket full of money to taste several sweet items of Jagathbandhu. Some sweets burst in the flavors of extreme sweetness, some items of savory and sour. If you want to have a taste, you need to come during the early hours before evening since all they manage to sell all the sweet items before that due to high demand. Jagathbandhu can, henceforth, take pride in being the most exceptional sweet shop in town. 

Adi Adorsho Mistanna Bhandar

Adi Adorsho Mistanna Bhandar
The famous Doi of Adi Adorsho Mistanna Bhandar

We have selected Adi Adorsho Mistanna Bhandar amongst many food restaurants in Narayanganj for its popularity. Situated in Kalibazar, Adi Adorsho Mistanna Bhandar is the oldest sweet shop in town. Their sweet and sour curd/Doi is famous all over the country. The special Doi recipe is a complete mystery to all. The rhythm of taste in their curd is what makes their item the most exceptional of all. Other than this, they do have lots of sweet items as well; but their Doi stands out the most. Henceforth, they are one of the most famous food restaurants in Narayanganj. 

Getting there

Dhaka-Narayanganj commute
It’s easy to travel from Dhaka to Narayanganj

Situated only 32 km away from the city of Dhaka, you can easily reach the city of Narayanganj by bus or by train. You can get on the train from Kamalapur and it won’t take you more than an hour. There are also several buses available from different routes all around the city of Dhaka to reach there. 

Bangali people are foodaholic and they are the no.1 admirers of sweet items in the entire world. So it stands to reason that they have been able to create the most exceptional dairy sweet items. The food restaurants in Narayanganj give us the vibrant feelings; feeling of tastefulness, of sweet and savory as well. Visiting the Bose Cabin, Jagathbandhu, Adi Adorsho winds our clock to the age-old days bygone of interconnectedness.

If you want to visit different places in and around Dhaka City during the weekends, you are always welcome to explore Narayanganj.


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