In the times where an eclectic interior is vastly popular it looks like vintage furniture is making a comeback. There is something distinctive about the subtlety of antique-looking furniture which makes us love them even more. The marks and the worn-down surface paints a image of history and artistic flair.

I mean, there is an obvious reason why ‘Shegun Kath’ is widely known and demanded in Bangladesh. Those who know of it, realize its worth. So if you love the look of reclaimed wood as well, below are the steps you can take to give your furniture a weathered look.

Incorporate small changes

The beauty is in the details. Nothing speaks antiquity more than ornate brass hardware. Hence, throw out your undemanding drawer pulls today and invest in pretty brass cup ones; even better, go for mercury knobs.

DIY works too

Sanding and distressing furniture can be quite time-consuming. Instead, try easy techniques like spraying vinegar, apple cider or applying Vaseline on your furniture to contour where natural wear would occur.

Draw on your furniture

Seriously, now is the time to go crazy on your furniture! Imitate ‘accidental scratches’ by dragging keys on a surface, draw patterns with a permanent marker to imitate spots; or simply avoid using a coaster to leave an imprint of a water-ring.

Layers are the new go-to  

Tapestries and vintage fabrics will contrast wonderfully with your rustic furniture. Add a few throw pillows and cover a surface with a vintage woven textile in order to maximize your very own ‘shabby chic’ interior.

Go easy with the curves

As much as the dull edges look appealing, not every living room will need curved elements.  After completing the look, take a glance and see if your room needs any accessories to complete your vintage-like finish.

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