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As anyone who’s moved a few times knows, not all neighborhoods are created equal. There is no such thing as the perfect neighborhood because not all areas are going to be truly a perfect fit for everyone and their unique needs. Although no neighborhood is perfect, there are components common to all great neighborhoods. having that said, here are the features of a great neighborhood that you want to match before you move in.

The community of your neighborhood directly affects your way of living

Community or lifestyle

A truly great neighborhood is one in sync with your current lifestyle. Both renters and homebuyers tend to gravitate to areas with similar demographics. Just as a fantastic suburban neighborhood in a gated community may not be right for a young single professional, a family with three small children would likely be miserable living in a small condo in a hip downtown neighborhood.

Crime rate

Family and one’s own safety is the main issue for everyone. Before shifting to any new area, you must find out about that area. Especially what happens to theft, robbery or other crimes in the area. Or what steps have been taken in the area to prevent these. You also need to know about the security system in the area. There is no doubt that there is no security for oneself or one’s family in the area where the robbery will take place.

Educational institutes paly a very crucial role in determining a neighborhoods greatness

Quality schools and colleges

For homeowners and renters with children, great schools top their list of what makes a great neighborhood. Not only are great schools important for families with children, they also make the surrounding neighborhoods more valuable and more sought after, keeping property values strong.

Outdoor activity

Being close to the outdoor adventures you love can sweeten the appeal of your neighborhood. Being super-close (or within a reasonable drive) to places to jog, sail, or pedal can keep you riding high about your home. Proximity and access to tennis courts, golf courses, playgrounds and recreational spots are also qualities that keep your neighborhood on par.

Having healthcare facilities is the most important features of a great neighborhood


This is important for all residents, but especially for seniors and retirees looking to find that perfect place to retire and for families with young children. Being close enough to get to a hospital or doctor’s office quickly is key for many people in various stages of their lives.

Communication system

Easy access to public transportation is a fantastic plus for a neighborhood and an amenity for almost any lifestyle. From a commuting millennial to a retiree who wants to keep the car at home, public transit is a solid upgrade to any neighborhood.

Bashundhara city
Having shopping centers in a close proximity is one of the best features of a great neighborhood

Shopping facility

The best place to live is where there is a convenience of best shopping centers and markets. We need to go to the market or shopping mall all the time to buy the items we need. If there is no market or shopping mall facility in the area where you live, you will face many problems in your day-to-day life. So before choosing an area, you must check these things and find the right one.

You can easily find out if your area is best for living by looking at this list. Do you have all these facilities in your area? let us know in the comments section below.

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