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A fire breaking out at home can turn out deadly: in less than thirty seconds a small flame can go out of control. According to the US Fire Administration, thick black smoke can fill out your home within a minute. Bproperty gives you fire-safety tips for your homes to avoid such pitfalls.

Kitchen and electrical appliances

Leaving the stove on in the kitchen for a long time is one of the leading reason for domestic fire. Even if you are leaving the kitchen for a while, turn them off. Take special care when boiling or frying food and keep inflammable items such as cooking oil away from the fire. Household items such as microwaves, power generators, heater or even iron can do some damage. Use them safely and carefully; a momentary distraction can be a disaster.

Keep lighters away from children

Matches, lighters or even electrical components can be very dangerous. Children can easily cause an accident when playing with candles. Keeping them out of reach, such as in cabinets or on high shelves can be a good idea.

Replace electrical cords

Electrical cords that are damaged and faulty wiring induce the risk of starting a fire. Have professionals inspect your home. This will let you know if it needs any upgrades.

Indoor smoking

Where there is smoke, there is fire. If cigarettes are improperly disposed of, they can cause fire outdoor and indoor. Though cigarettes account for only a minority of fire accidents, it is always better to keep yourself and loved ones safe by taking extra precaution when smoking. Always smoke outside and keeping a deep ashtray can minimize risks of starting a fire accidentally.

Consider buying fire-safety equipment

Fire or smoke alarms are very useful. Having one installed in your property can allow you to act quickly to contain the fire. Sprinklers can be a great addition as well, and diminish any fire before the firefighters arrive. Some households are also opting to keep a fire extinguisher at home, which can come in useful to put out a small fire.

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