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When it comes to selling your house, you will be glad of the renovations and expenditure you made in key areas. Some features don’t translate into tangible value for your house, so you need to choose wisely where you spend your money. We talked to real estate agents about the ways to add significant value.

Loft Conversion

A conversion can be used as another extra bedroom or an office. This is a smart move in a heavily populated city like Dhaka where space is of the essence. You will need to be careful about damaging important beams and weight-bearing structures.

Added value: 10-15%

Create Space

This can be done with interior design and demolition. One of the obvious ones is to break down a nonstructural wall between the kitchen and living room. Open plan living areas give a feeling of much greater space.

Added value: 10-20%

New Kitchen

As the Italians say, the kitchen is the most important room in the house, or maybe they said the bedroom; but anyway, it’s a very important room and particularly good for adding to the resale value of your property.

Added value: 10-12%

Prune and Landscape

No better way to open up your house to viewers than by cuttings back large trees and trimming around the garden. Landscaping is considered in the top three investments for getting a return. If buyers can’t see what they are getting they will move on.

Added value: 15-18%

New Bathroom

A new bath can be a place of luxury in your house, a place to pamper yourself. It also translates to higher selling value. It is a room in the house that all potential buyers will consider well worth the expenditure.

Added value: 5-10%

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