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Most people are deeply concerned about the environment and the damage big industry is inflicting on it. At home they have made small steps to minimize their impact on the environment, but it doesn’t just stop at home and nowadays many employees expect their office to be equally ecologically positive.

Fill your office with recycled furniture

High-quality desks and chairs can now be purchased from recycled suppliers, reducing the harmful overproduction and destruction of our forests. Many of these shops have much lower costs than brand new designer furniture places, so the cost incurred by the business will also be much lower.

Don’t print stuff if you don’t need to

We live in a digital world. Instead of printing stuff off for a meeting why not just display it on a screen. Do you really need to print something off to read it? Mostly, you can get away with not printing documents unless they are for official records.

Take a carpool to work

Carpooling is growing in popularity throughout the world; in response to the increased environmental awareness and also as a cost-saving measure. In Dhaka, you have DhakaRides a good way to at least, not add to the desperate traffic situation in the city. Carpooling is also a good way to earn money if you have free seats on your commute.

Buy some real plants

Plants are a natural air purifier. They take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. This symbioses between plants and humans creates a much healthier environment for everybody. 15-18 good sized oxygen plants are required for an area of 1,800 square feet.   

Turn off your computer

Electronic equipment consumes energy even when they are on standby mode. At the end of the day make it your ritual to power off. Many people just flip down their laptop screen or click the red button; this is not enough to completely bring the machine to energy neutral. Another tip is setting your sleep button to 3-5 minutes rather than the standard 20 minutes. Over time you will save a lot of energy.

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